ExaFarm Data Store

by Danish Beg in London, England, United Kingdom

ExaFarm Data Store


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We want to create a Long-Term, Easy-to-use, Reliable Online Data Storage Solution at a fraction of the current cost per terabyte.

by Danish Beg in London, England, United Kingdom

Imagine, a 2 or 3 Exabyte storage system in the same place where we have a Petabyte of storage today. This is not tomorrow's need. It is here, NOW. And we will build the hardware for it. With video resolutions rising beyond 8K now, storage will again become the next bottleneck.

Imagine, instead of storage costing 2p per gigabyte, it costs 2p per TERABYTE!

We are working on our new Scalar Memory technology coupled with special Flash Memory, which will provide super-compact, high-capacity storage system which will consume 1/10 the power that current industry-standard storage systems consume.

Our goal is to raise up to £3 million for the first prototype, which will have up to 2 Exabytes of storage.

Help us build this technology framework. Research costs money and that is why we need help.

Let's make 'ExaFarm Data Store' happen

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