Ex-War Photographer crowfunds to study Homeopathy

Ex-War Photographer crowfunds to study Homeopathy

Ex War photographer crowdfunds to pay fees at Homeopathic School. From Syria to a Homeopathic Schoool. A life journey...

We did it!

On 6th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £53 with 3 supporters in 21 days

 My name is Carlos Palma, virtually known has carlosthephotographer. Since 1994, I have been photographing the world and its wars and human tragedies. I was in Afghanistan when the late Tajik Comandante Ahmad Massod was in the Panshir Valley and the Taliban occuppied Kabul. Ive met the Uzbekian lider General Dostum while photographing the remains of the Taliban prisioners of war, executed in the desert of Shiberghan. General Dostum offered a home and a mountain to bring my girlfriend at the time and marry her. It was a good mountain though. 

All begin in 1994, when the first democratic election in Mozambique. Myself a 24 year old, photographic student, that after two months working of a Heinz tomato factory, made enough money fro the first of many photographic journeys. I remember of wishing and dream of saving the world . "Through my photos, I would think, I will bring justice and stp dictactors freelly terrorizing their own people" was my goal.

A long journey since then. Ive photographer the conflict that took Laurent Kabila to Kinshasa overthowing Mobutu Sese Seko. Ive photographer the victims of earthquakes in different parts of the world. Ive join the 101st airborne division of the US Army, in the province of Kandahar and in the Zari district. Ive photographer Helmand province in Afghanistan. Ive photographer the victims of Mustiple Esclerosis struggling for the Right to Die in the UK. Ive photographer the children using the destructive home made drug Baltushka in southern Ukraine. Ive photographed the struggle against the building of the separation wall in the Occupied lands of Palestine. The cildren labour in Egypt. 

From 2012 until last year of 2014, Ive been photographing northern Syria, mainly in Aleppo and the kurdish part of Rojava. Until the evolution of Daesh(ISIS) on the field I have been in Aleppo a few times and its surroundings. I have photographed a genicide. The intent of extermination of a vast majoraty of civilian people. The levels of violence used by government forces were and are behond the impossibility to accept,of this human tolerance line we have within ourselves.  I have photographed rooms full of bodies or body parts of children and women. Grand mother bodies destroyed. The pain of the survivers making one doubt, if it was really positive for that person to have survived. I have struggled with my own emotions to photograph the children s struggle to survive in the middle of the imposed violence with which, each air strike would create hundreds of other civilian innocent victims, daily.

For weeks if not months, the world through the international media has seen, through mine and of a few other photographers and videographers, images of the victims of the Syrian tragedy...but that was all...

Politically wise, no country in the world has shown enough will to act to stop the massacre. It went on..and on....

With the evolution of time and of the situation I could see a islamization of my Syrian friends happening without being able to do much. The first foreign fighters bagan to appear of Aleppo s frontlines. El Grande James Foley was kidnapped. Daesh appeared..and Islam began to be one of the main players on the chess board of this conflict.

The innaction of the international community also has had consequences. For months I couldnt stop to recite Albert Einstein " the world will not turn to evil by those who do evil but by those who see evil being done and do nothing to prevent it". The genious of Einstein...

This experience brought understandings that made me stop believing in the power of photography..

After a period of reflection and meditation came a different interest within myself. I have understood each person has a direct influence on creating the world we live in. And with this, it came a believe and a will, to contribute towards a strong and balanced human being. I have discovered Homeopathy.

With Homeopathy an understading, that if I just have one life, let be, productive towards the wellbeing of others...for my own wellbeing a gastric patient, experiencing my own particularities. 

I have enrolled in the School of Homeopathy in the United Kingdom, and come this way to crowdfund for the possibility to continue the Homeopathic studies. Due to already two months late monthly payments I am crowdfunding for 6months schools fees and a little extra for house requirements.

School Fees (6months) - British pounds 200/month - Total 1200 GBP

House requirements     - British pounds 550            -          550 GBP

                                                                         TOTAL  1750 GBP


To see some of my previous work, please refer to my Biography on this project.


                                                                        PART II


                                                           From War to Homeopathy



To the Syrian population, when the realization of our small were the effects of mine, and a few other colleagues, images, were  having into making the International comunity act, to stop the massacre, to help them, came a, to expressed correctely, sense of "non understanded hatred". I remember a few times being persecuted by the local Syrian population, throwing stones, when "caught" photographing the devastation of a bombed civilian residential structure. "Why do you want to photograph?" they shouted many times.."the world do nothing..why do you want to show them our misery??and, "the only ones paying attention are the bastards of Bashar Al Assad..I also remember of having a conversation with colleagues refering the fact that identifying civilian locations, on the captions of the photos, were providing help, to the Syrian Air Force, into locating civilian targets.

Life of a Freelancer is a hard life. To sell and find funds, is a energy sucking necessity. Myself, have worked in factories and restaurants. Have street played a painted caracter..to find funds towards photographing in diferent war zones. For 19 years, my life has been in this continuous cicle of photographing, selling and find funds. Every major "penny" Ive made in my life, went into this circle of events. I mean: Im thankfull, that I have survived, and for all the experiences that make the man I am today. 

But why continuing into this circle, when it has no "real importance" or "enough importance" when, all sorts of limits in violence towards civilians, and justice, were violated??

Photographing is photographing, and Homeopathy is helping others. 

Homeopathy is the understanding of the vitality of the human being, inseparable, from its body parts. With nature has a healing tool, is part of the "non stopable" evolution of our species. Has I learn Homeopathy, I learn to heal myself. I can, by learning, understand and identify the unbalances within myself. Im a chronical Gastric patient. I experience physically, the consequences of my unbalances. I learn to feel better, has I learn to heal others. Because is what knowledge brings, this ability to identify and the understandings to create. The knowledge to help others. The same ones, and others, that previously I wanted to photograph. Towards having a real action, into the wellbeing of others. This action, that my photographs didnt succeed to achieve. This will, that now, I feel free, without the pressures created by my own limited understandings. 

This will of Learning, and of using this learnings towards the well being of others.

Note: I have included PHOTOGRAPHS, from previous work projects has rewards for this crowdfunding campaign. This work, can be see on www.instagram.com/carlosthephotographer

Thank you,

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