Everything Is Normal
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The aim of this project is to create Everything Is Normal; a 5 - 10 minute science fiction drama short film!

by Malaika Goldsmith in Stoke On Trent, England, United Kingdom

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Any extra money donated will go towards the distribution of the film and entering it into film festivals!

Everything Is Normal

A science-fiction, drama short film.

Archie lives in Simulation Seven, a direct virtual copy of Earth with a twist. Nobody is real except Archie himself. Placed there as a new born and none the wiser to his different life Archie continues his day to day life until he notices things start to change. Pavements fix themselves, the birds tweet in a cycle and it only rains on Tuesdays. Slowly he figures out something is amiss until the ultimatum is forced. Archie knows too much and his world must be shut down, taking him with it… but little does he know someone out there can’t let him go so easily.

About The Director

Hello! I am Malaika Goldsmith, a third year film student from Staffordshire University! I'm so excited to get stuck into something different. My favourite genre of film is science-fiction. The concept of new worlds, alternative universes and our future is something that I will never tire of watching again and again. Yet I've never made one? Seems absurd, right? I've done two wholesome movies that I am very proud of! However, this semester I want to make the thing I love so much. 

Why haven't I before? Well, science-fiction films are expensive to create. Crews need feeding, cast need to travel, costumes have to be worn, petrol needs to be paid. Making a film in general has never been a cheap task! Which is why I'm turning to you guys! To make this possible, I'm asking for help in funding. It takes a whole team to make a film... would you like to be part of mine?


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