Everyone is worthy of a compliment

Everyone is worthy of a compliment

Everyone deserves a compliment, Illness is no exception. Help us raise the funds to go into hospitals & bring back smiles

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                                                              YOU ARE WORTHY OF THE COMPLIMENT.        

Dear Supporter,

Life is precious, and how we feel about ourselves will impact how well we live our lives.

Compliment Me, Confidence building-fashion brand, has begun to build awareness on the healing that comes from giving compliments and receiving compliments.

To be complimented is to be seen; It is also to be recognised, however for the many experiencing illness, a compliment is the last thing they would expect to receive.

Behind every illness is courage and strength. Our team want to see all that strength and courage reach to the surface in the form of a smile, complimented, captured and remembered.

When you are ill the last thing you will want to do, is look good. The plan is aways to fade into the background or hide away at home, waiting for the illness to pass. Once that illness has passed, and you are feeling much better, the process of making an effort to look good begins again.

We want to help hospital patients 'feel good now' because sometimes getting better is much further away than expected, or worse, for some getting better never comes.

Please help us to raise funds so that we can go into hospitals and bring back smiles. Our aim is to give those that are terminally ill, a reason to look good and feel good about themselves.

We don't visite  illness, we are visiting people that shouldn't have to wait, or go without looking and feeling good again

Our aim is to attend hospitals all over the UK and provide beauty treatments, makeovers, photo shoots,  and confidence sessions and so on. In addition to that, take part in our annual shows 

We need your support, Please help us to make this idea a reality.