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Everyone Can Play

A place for people of all abilities and disabilities.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £40 with 2 supporters in 119 days

Thomley came into existence in 2002 driven by a group of parents looking for support for their Autistic child. Local services did not understand the requirements of their child and could not offer the support needed for their children to make the most of their leisure interests.

Now, Thomley is a place for people of all abilities and disabilities. It offers a unique opportunities for disabled people of all ages, their families, carers and friends to take part in fun, stimulating and challenging activities. These activities are supported by experienced, skilled and enthusiastic staff! The centre provides 9 acres of secure indoor and outdoor leisure activities.

Thomley works to achieve the following outcomes for disabled people:

  • Improve the confidence and social skills through taking part in adventurous and group activities
  • Improve the motor skills through taking part in a range of challenging activities
  • Improve the wellbeing through participation in outdoor sports and activities
  • Develop the integration of disable and non-disabled people through taking part in community open days.

Our own evaluations and feedback from a range of stakeholders have said that outdoor play activities is sorely lacking and will support our ambition to extend our play activities for young people and adults.

Thomley's funding comes by way of numerous routes, e.g. trusts, grants, individual/corporate donations, fees from users and a little statutory income. We therefore have to finance any developments we plan for the centre. We recently successfull raised £600k to fund the build of a Pavilion that will be linked into this project giving us a fantastic outdoor offer for our visitors.

At the moment we see over 7,000 visitors a year to our centre. With the build of the Pavilion and this development we believe we can steadily build our visits to over 10,000 in the next few years as well as extending our reach outside the Bucks and Oxon region.

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