The One Stop Book for the Everyday Adventurer

To improve the skills & confidence in the Everyday Adventurer community by delivering a fun & informative book to encourage #Adventure4All

We did it!

On 5th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £2,000 with 53 supporters in 35 days

About Jason

I'm so incredibly passionate about promoting adventure for everyone. To give EVERYONE a foundation level of skills and information to make positive decisions to get outdoors more often. From an early age I was out on my bike, exploring, building camps, adventuring and connecting with nature. As the years progressed I've been fortunate to travel the world and explore every corner of our amazing country.

Having lived, breathed and worked in the world of adventure I've accumulated a load of knowledge. It's been an absolute privilege treading the boards and learning from those around while dipping my feet in and making mistakes. I'd like to share this knowledge with you all. I'm qualified as an adventure guide. I have travelled the world and every adventure corner of our wonderful shores. I've been on expeditions all over the world from the jungles of Borneo to ice climbing in the Arctic Circle.

Why Write This Book

We can extract so much life goodness from injecting adventure in to our lives. Adventure does not judge. Adventure is not about age, sex, race or ability.

This book explores the Why, Who, What, Where, When and How for the Everyday Adventurer. To look at how stretching your personal adventure boundaries will enrich other parts of your life. This book showcases some everyday adventurers who don't rely on agents and sponsorships to drive on their passions. Normal people doing outdoors 'stuff'.

This book discusses adventure in the context of it not having to be the highest, fastest or tallest. That it's anything from urban exploration to a walk around a lake. This books explores where to go and when, looking at the beauty of our seasons! This book is also your go to hints and tips guide to help you plan safe and fun adventures.

Be part of something WONDERFUL and please support this project. You could be part of an AMAZING movement to get millions of everyday adventures outdoors, exploring, and connecting with nature.

This book is to reset the perception of adventure and give you all the tools and reasons to #GetOutside more often.

After over 35yrs of adventuring, multiple years of planning and months of discussions with publishers and designers, this book is on the brink of launching...

Who Is This Book For

Let me ask some questions...

Do you feel you're not an adventurer? 

Do you think you don't have enough time? 

Do you worry about whether you've got the right skills? 

Do you know where to look for information to help plan? 

Do you worry about safety? 

Are you lacking in inspiration? 

Do you not know where to start with adventures? 

Do you look at the pictures on social media and sit longingly, wishing you were there? 

Are you already out there adventuring but want some ideas about what's next? 

Do you want to support something amazing? 

Do you wonder why people bang on about this thing called adventure? 

Do you want to become the best you, that you can be? 

Do you want to be look at becoming surrounded by fun and likeminded people? 

Do you want to be more confident?

Do you want a one stop book of information, inspiration, ideas, tips and reasons to adventure?

Then this book is for you. Yes, YOU! Along with your pals, family, working colleagues and people you haven't met yet. Adventure is for everybody.

The Rewards

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