Everybody Deserves a Break

by Georgie & Co. Beauty in Cholmondeley, England, United Kingdom

Everybody Deserves a Break


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Assisting in the fight against mental health we want to offer people who are struggling at the moment a safe place and relaxing treatment...

by Georgie & Co. Beauty in Cholmondeley, England, United Kingdom

Georgie & Co Beauty has been established for 5 years, our boutique beauty salons are based in rural Cheshire.

On experience we have learnt that although not medically trained how vital beauty therapists are in the fight against mental health.
We support people in their happiest times and in their darkest days, lending an ear, a safe place and all round sense of well-being.
We all know how important some me time is for our mental health especially at the moment when we all feel like we are trudging through mud to survive.

Georgie & Co. Beauty with the help of all of you want to give everybody, especially those going through a hard time the chance to experience a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

To be able to escape the outside world for an hour, to relax and feel utterly pampered.

We know this isn’t going to fix the world but we believe offering a bit of a break and relaxation in your hardest times is sometimes enough to feel human again.

So we are opening our treatments for mental health initiative where you can contribute a small amount to go towards a treatment for somebody else that might not normally be able to enjoy the experience. 

We will then set to work offering treatments to as many people as we can for as long as we can. By asking for private nominations of people you think are needing a bit of time out or if you yourself feel you need a break. You will be treated with the upmost respect and descretion when you come in and can just enjoy the surroundings and relaxation. 

This in turn will also help support us a small business struggling through its second Government advised closure due to Covid.

We thank you.  X

Let's make 'Everybody Deserves a Break' happen

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