Building An Events & Party Location in France

Project by Kane Dowell
Building An Events & Party Location in France

We aim to create a venue/holiday home and event space for anyone to hire throughout the year. The aim is for guests to make memories!

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 12:42pm 27th September 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 12:42pm 27th September 2018

The story of this house is lovely nestled in Northern France in a tiny village called "Sains Les Pernes". For years myself and family have been thinking of selling it or just putting it in a house auction (mainly out of frustration of not using it enough) but then came the "lighbulb moment". About 12 years ago i had a huge party at this house to celebrate my 21st birthday where i invited family and friends from across the globe and it was over a August weekend where we danced, partied, played field games, had BBQ and just made the most incredible memory ever. 

Fast forward a few years the house wasn't being used much - children grow up, families are formed and all of a sudden we start going our separate ways which is just life so all of a sudden the house was deteriorating but the past year i have been making it my goal with help from family and whatever money we raise to bring the house back to its former glory and then share it with everyone. 

Its a great house like i said we had 150 people stay at the property it was like a mini festival with over 30 tents in the garden which were donated to me aswell as 5 bedrooms for people to stay in then with the "out houses" which still need to be finished we made a pop-up games room, night club and then a lounge room where all guests ate, drank and socialised. 

With the money raised we want to fix the leaking roof in the house, get the plumbing back up to scratch, decorate and also create one of the coolest and funkiest houses for guests to hire for partys, festivals, events or just a week away with loved ones to make memories just like i did. 

About the house:

5 bedrooms (sleeps 16 people)

2 bathrooms 


Dinning Room (sits 16 people)

Laundry Room 

Front Room 

Private Parking 

3 acres of garden 


Very easy commute from London - drive to folkstone 1hr 45 mins to Euro Tunnel or Dover 2hours then once at Calais its 1 hour drive tops to the village of Sains Les Pernes. 


I would love to really love to make my family proud by raising some money to then be able to grow a family business but also with 2% off all bookings put that money back into similar projects that help the community. 

We have been using the house over the past 2 months whilst the weather is great and its everytime i go there i just think to myself "what if" as i dont want to lose this family home and im committed to making it work where it can be shared to anyone so they can make great memories. 

Once our goal is achieved we will create a website, booking system and host special events such as an Festival next year to showcase the launch. 

Please join and come on the ride with us! 

Please any questions please feel free to email me. 

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