Eve The Luxury Watch Holder & Apple Watch Charger

We Designed and Handcrafted EVE. The Luxury Watch Holder and Apple Watch Charger. You can customise EVE whatever you like.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful





EVE is the Luxury Watch Holder

EVE is handcrafted from quality materials and designed with beautiful shapes. The top covered by hand made luxury quality leather, with soft and silky touch and beautifully stiched both of the sides. The Side panel made from quality materials. EVE is the Jewellery in your home. Eve is the Perfect gift for everyone.


EVE Has Two Version







We designed this version for the Apple watch. Eve not just the watch holder and charger. Eve is the Jewellery in your home, where you can easily place and charge your Apple Watch. You can take EVE anywhere, EVE always looks great and unique. Including Power bank 5000 mAH good for 8-10 Charging.






We Designed this version for hold any watch. You can safely place your watch and you don"t need to worry any more from scratches. With EVE your watch always looks Jewellery and Unique.




 Without Power bank you can connect EVE to any USB port.


 You can charge your Power bank with any USB port.




Including: Quality Real Leather choice of 15 colours. Mix and Match options. 4 Stitch colours, White, Black, Red, and Grey.  and all the 11 Side panel finish options.


We will contact you by e-mail to ask the colour of your choice after the campaign ends.

Stitch Colour: White.     Layer 1: Red.     Layer 2: White.     Side Panel: Brushed Steel efect.



Stitch Colour: Black.     Layer1: White.     Layer2: Black.     Side Panel: White.



Stitch Colour: Red.     Layer1: Black.     Layer2: Red.     Side Panel: Black Carbon fiber effect.


Stitch Colour: Grey.     Layer1: White.     Layer2: White.     Side Panel: Brushed Gold effect.






We need your support, for the tooling and moulding process, buy materials and set up the assembly line.

Thanks for your support as we bring EVE to life.