Eva's World Play Cafe

Eva's World Play Cafe

Eva's World/Café Be Play Café expansion. Sensory play area, disabled toilet, more seating and a bigger kitchen .

We did it!

On 26th May 2016 we successfully raised £3,250 of £3,000 target with 75 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Any additional funds would be used to complete the decoration of the premises and then d evelop the community/training aspect of Eva's World and Cafe Be. We would love to get more activities in the play area and offer free activity sessions for after school clubs, paediatric first aid and more sessions to help new parents.  We would run healthy eating sessions for children and parents. Staff members would be trained further in baby wearing and breast feeding.



Our Story

After a redundancy in 2011 I set up Eva's World, a traditional baby and toddler shop  in Plymouth inspired by motherhood and my daughter Eva.


I worked from home whilst Eva was young and remember getting excited as we hit 200 likes on facebook.As Eva grew over the years so did the business and after a lot of hard work over the past 5 years and several homes for Eva's World I was able to realise my dream of moving into a larger premises last November.


In January our new addition arrived and we welcomed Baby Be into the world. I don't do things by halves so pretty much at the same time we opened Cafe Be, our play cafe serving locally made food including gluten free and vegan. 

 You may know Cafe Be as a place you can come and enjoy a delicious locally made slice of cake or possibly the best sausage roll in Plymouth. It also offers a comfy sofa space to relax and feed your baby and is also home to a weekly Latch On Breastfeeding support session and cloth nappy demonstrations. When I opened Cafe Be I wanted it to be more than just a cafe and already after only 2 months it feels very much like a community. 



We offer a space to meet other parents, to feel relaxed, to feed your baby and to meet friends whilst your little one can play in a safe, secure and engaging play environment. We are developing our offering to provide access to a signposting service to where you can get help in matters regarding babies and the first stages of your parenting journey.

Enjoy a drink and snack in an environment where you don't have to tell your child to be quiet all the time, where you can watch them and actually manage to drink a hot drink (something which becomes a rarity when you have a baby!)


Why are we launching a crowdfunding campaign?

Most days the cafe is full and we've had to turn people away on a number of occasions. We want to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to use the cafe and meet other people. We need your help to offer more seating and move our food prep/coffee area. By moving it we can add at least another 10 seats in the cafe and will also have a bigger kitchen area so can provide a more varied food offering.

We only have toilets upstairs at the moment and would love to convert our downstairs changing area into a disabled toilet to be all inclusive.  On top of this we would like to add more to our play area in the way of sensory equipment and hopefully have targetted sessions to children who would really benefit from this.

Why support us? 

I am a local independent business woman who has worked hard to build the business and just need a little extra help to make our offering even better for the people of Plymouth.  I have a fantastic team of people who work so hard to offer our customers a great service and together I know we can make a difference and give parents the support and sense of community that is so important when raising a child. 

I am passionate about the local area, Plymouth and our High Street. I support lots of local businesses by selling their fantastic food offerings and we also stock lots of amazing products in Eva's World made by over ten local businesses.

 Thank you for reading through our project and if you can't pledge this time then please visit our website www.visitevasworld.co.uk facebook page www.facebook.com/helloevasworld twitter #visitevasworld instagram visitevasworld.




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