Camps International Tanzania Trip

Camps International Tanzania Trip

My aim is to raise money to go to Tanzania and help local communities there

We did it!

On 20th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £50 with 2 supporters in 56 days

What will I be doing there to help?

I will be visiting Tanzania for 4 weeks during the summer of 2018 with a company called Camps International to help local communities by building structures like houses, wells and schools. I will also help by teaching the children English which could massively increase their chances at a better job and therefore future. We will also help the local wildlife by expanding waterholes, monitoring wildlife and removing poisonous plants, among other things. Not only this, but I will also be meeting with members of the Maasai tribe, which will be a fantastic cultural experience.

What else will I be doing there?

On top of the work I will be doing with the communities, I will also go on an educational safari around one of the wildlife reserves not only to learn about the wildlife but also to help them by doing some of the things I have mentioned previously (expanding waterholes, monitoring wildlife and removing poisonous plants). As well as this, we will go on a scuba diving course to learn about the marine wildlife and also to complete our PADI open water certification, an internationally recognised diving certification.

What will your money be used for?

According to camps international, the £4000 I must pay is to be used for:

  • Travel insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Project costs
  • Reserve location
  • Orientation and local language lessons
  • Flights and other transport
  • Food and drink
  • PADI open water dive course
  • Dedicated expedition leaders and other staff
  • 24 hour emergency support

On top of this I need an extra £190 for the following vaccinations

  • Hepatitis A and Typhoid - £65
  • Rabies - £30
  • Cholera - £55
  • Malaria - £40

If you are confused about anything or have any questions, please visit the camps international website through the following link:

Or contact me at:

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