The Bigger Picture Remain Campaign

by European Movement in Scotland in Scotland

The Bigger Picture Remain Campaign
We did it
On 30th May 2016 we successfully raised £120 with 9 supporters in 21 days

A “relentlessly positive” campaign to keep Scotland and the UK in the EU, through meetings, advertising, media liaison and message placement

by European Movement in Scotland in Scotland


How many groups or individuals can you say are passionate about Scotland and the UK’s membership of the EU? 

We believe that the vast majority of the nation is committed to our common European citizenship but that years of grinding down by a malign London media and a campaign by Eurosceptic extremists have left many without a voice to represent them. That’s why we’re here.

 The European Movement in Scotland is our oldest dedicated pro-European campaigning group – we have been here since the European project came to life with the support of Winston Churchill after World War II, and we will be here long after the referendum to fight on for this cause.

 We believe we are complimentary to the main “In” campaign, giving a positive voice to those who passionately feel that the future of their families and this nation is at the centre of Europe, building a beacon of peace, justice and security in an uncertain world.

Please give what you can to help us win this vote decisively.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

£10 can help us promote a message to hundreds of target individuals through social media. Thank you for supporting our campaign!

£20 or more

£20 Reward

£20 can help pay for the costs of our 'at home' meetings, where wavering voters get the chance to talk through the issues that matter to them. All pledgers will receive a badge to show their support for our campaign.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

£50 can help cover expenses of our town-hall style meetings where we can win over hundreds of potential supporters. All pledgers will receive a badge to show their support for our campaign.

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

£100 can pay for a ream of posters to hang in the windows of houses across the country. All pledgers will receive a badge to show their support for our campaign and the first 5 supporters in this category will receive a limited edition 'Bigger Picture' t-shirt.

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