European Elections Funding

by Scots For Leave in Crieff, Scotland, United Kingdom

European Elections Funding
We did it
On 22nd May 2019 we successfully raised £350 with 11 supporters in 14 days

Freedom-loving Scots need you! Please help us collect £10,000 to help get 2 honest Pro-Brexit MEPs elected from Scotland on May 23rd.

by Scots For Leave in Crieff, Scotland, United Kingdom

Scots for Leave are standing up for the 1 million who voted leave, and the many more who want the referendum result respected. 

However, we need your help. Nicola Sturgeon, the Green Party, and other Remain groups are well-funded and are getting their message across Scotland ahead of the EU Elections on May the 23rd. 

We want to get 2 pro-Brexit MEPs elected in these elections. To do this, we need to counter the remain message, and get Brexiteers and democrats out and to the polls to vote pro-Brexit.

Can you help?

What would we use the money for?

£50 Allows for a standard Facebook Ad 

£500 Allows for a Super Facebook Ad reaching a targeted 70,000 people

£5,000 Allows for a Facebook Ad to reach all targeted people in Scotland



£125 Allows for 10,000 high quality leaflets (Volunteers to then distribute)

We cannot afford to be complacent. These EU elections will be used by the SNP and other democracy blockers as an excuse to try and derail Brexit. Let's send them a message they can't ignore at the ballot box!

Thank you for any help you are able to give.


The Scots for Leave Team. 

Permissibility Checks

  • When we receive a donation, over £500 we will carry out permissibility checks within 30 days. We collect sufficient information from every donor to ensure that we can properly check that each donation is from a permissible source.
  • Anonymous donations over £500 cannot be accepted.
  • Multiple donations from the same source will be aggregated for recording and reporting purposes.
  • Donor details (donations of £500 or less don't require details to be in the election return) will appear in the election return and if a donor donates over £7,500, and the identity of the donor will appear on the Electoral Commission website.

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