#GreenCard4Europe - Stage 3: Roll out of prototype

#GreenCard4Europe - Stage 3: Roll out of prototype

We are campaigning for an EU Green Card to secure free movement rights of Britons in EU and protect EU27citizens in UK from discrimination.

£960 raised of £5,000 target 19 %
55 supporters 7 days left
This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 6:58pm 24th August 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 6:58pm 24th August 2018

The Green Card for Europe idea is gaining traction and with your support there is a great chance that we can bring the project to fruition. 

If you are a Briton in the EU or an EU27 citizen in the UK, this would mean that you be give a Green Card by the European Union which would protect you from discrimination and guarantee your right to freedom of movement.

For the last two years we have been talking to MPS, MEPS, Commission and Home Office officials and most importantly to EU27 citizens in the UK and Britons in the EU themselves to understand what needs to happen to secure all the rights of transnational citizens post Brexit.

We are now in a position to issue a prototype Green Card and with your support we will now present the card to MPs, MEPS and key decision makers in Westminster and Brussels.

By signing up to support the campaign you can receive a prototype Green Card in your name, sent to your home address.

This is what one of our supporters said:

"Thank you for talking about the Green Card Initiative as people like me and Alice, as well as EU citizens, need that! We are real people with real lives and we love Europe and its values with a passion. 

Luckily Alice (my daughter) has a French and British passport but I don't. I guess that I am protected by the French State as the mother of a French citizen but freedom is so important and must be maintained. My parents live in Portugal, whereas I have lived outside of the UK for half of my life, living in Dublin, then moving to France, having studied in Nice through Erasmus when I was 20.

 I know that I can apply for French citizenship but i'm a proud British European as well who simply availed of opportunities available to me, when there were none in the UK. The loss of freedom of movement would be devastating: I wouldn't even be able to take the tram over the border into Germany to do shopping. Just crazy"

As another of our supporters said, 

"The Green Card is an idea whose time has come."

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