BBC Last Night Proms 2019

by Proms EU Flag Team in London, England, United Kingdom

BBC Last Night Proms 2019
We did it
On 23rd December 2019 we successfully raised £4,628 with 228 supporters in 207 days

To hand out EU Flags at all the Last Night of the Proms Park Events

by Proms EU Flag Team in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Help us by donating more and we can buy Bath bEUret's ( to give out to the people promming at the Albert Hall. These were very visible on the TV last year. 

Our plan is to give away 50,000 EU flags at this year’s Last Night of the BBC proms on the 14th September.

We intend to do all the Proms in the Park events: London, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland. It is not just London what wants to remain in the EU.

Every year we have done the Albert Hall they have done their best (unsuccessfully) to not show the flags. We cannot let their censorship win so this year we plan to hand out more flags then ever and also do all the park events as well

We handed out EU flags to the Audience at 'Eurovison You Decide' this year. Every single person going in had an EU flag. Then the BBC decided to confiscate them and instead hand out union jacks. Apparently our flags posed a security threat...

Lets not let the British Brexit Corporation get away with censoring our flags

Please help us achieve this goal.

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