EU Super Girl Delivering Letters to Europe

by Madeleina Kay in Brussels

EU Super Girl Delivering Letters to Europe
We did it
On 12th December 2017 we successfully raised £1,388 with 60 supporters in 28 days

EUSuperGirl and her team have collected 1000 hand-written letters with a message of solidarity to Europe, to give out in Brussels at Xmas.

by Madeleina Kay in Brussels

New stretch target

With extra funds we hope to take the project into the New Year. Taking Letters written by Remainers to other countries in the EU with our message of Peace and Solidarity.

EU Super Girl is coming back to Brussels...

...And this time she's bringing the Letters to Europe project, FauxBoJo, Mike Galsworthy and AlbaWhiteWolf with her!


Madeleina Kay A.K.A EU Super Girl and her team of Remain campaigners, including the incredible FauxBoJo (our Boris Johnson impersonator) and Mike Galsworthy  (from Scientists4EU) have been collecting hand-written, personal messages from other Remainers in the UK. The letters are all addressed to an anonymous 'European Friend' and contain a message of solidarity. They now have 1000 letters to hand deliver to European citizens in Brussels, at Christmas as a gesture of peace and unity.

We want everyone who receives a letter to write a Christmas card in reply, addressed to 'a British Friend', which we will distribute to Remain Campaigners in the UK.


The Team...

Madeleina Kay A.K.A EU Super Girl - Project Leader

Andrew Galdron A.K.A FauxBoJo - Boris Johnson impersonator

Charlie Grosvenor (from EU Flags at the Proms Team)

Mike Galsworthy  (from Scientists4theEU)

Alba White WolfA.K.A EU Super Dog - Team Mascot

Mathew Lowry (Our Brussels based organiser)

The Plan...

Thursday-Friday we are arranging meetings with the European Parliament (Details tbc)

Thursday 7th December 

The fun kicks off at 18h at the Grape Vine in Place Luxembourg. We will be singing acoustic songs, giving out letters and asking recipients to write Xmas cards in return. After 19h we may move onto other venues around Place Lux.  Connect with us beforehand and come along and find us on the day!

Saturday 9th December

We visit the Brussels Xmas Markets to give out letters.

Sunday 10th December

Return to the UK

Monday 11th December

The Team will give out the Xmas cards to Remain Campaigners at the protest outside the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, where they are debating a petition for a Referendum on the final deal.

Support Us!

Join in the Fun!

If you are around Brussels between Thursday 7th and Saturday 10th, please join in the fun. Collect a letter from us and write a Xmas card in reply. 

Remain campaigners who are protesting outside Parliament on Monday 11th please also be ready to receive your xmas cards!

Support the Crowdfunder!

If you are joining in the fun or even if you are unable to but like the project please make a donation to help with the costs of delivering the letters to Brussels. All pledges greatly received!

Follow Us!

Twitter @Letters2EU

Facebook @Letters2Europe

If you are based in Brussels and  want to stay update then join the Facebook Event and get in touch with our Brussels based team mate Mathew Lowry

Check out theLetters to Europe Website for more info!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Receive a letter to a European Friend from a British Friend and a pack of EU Peace Dove Badges

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Receive a Xmas card to a British Friend from a European Friend and a pack of EU Peace Dove Badges

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Receive a pack of blank Brexit Xmas cards designed by EUsupergirl so you can write your own messages to your European friends!

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