Help fund simple materials to massively impact the visual and overall success of National Rally for UK Staying in the EU on Sun 2nd Oct...

We did it!

On 25th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £435 with 13 supporters in 28 days

Help fund simple materials to massively impact the visual and overall success of National Rally for UK Staying in the EU on Sun 2nd Oct in Birmingham.

Numbers are not enough!  Your generosity will help us buy mini European flags, larger flags which we'll decorate to be even more eye-catching and cards with pro-Remain, pro-EU slogans all to give out to marchers for them to wave and hold up. 

This will make the whole parade more visually interesting, colourful and striking, ensure our messages are clear to anyone looking on - gaining us more attention and impact - and make it more likely images of the march will be featured in press and media.

You can see mini and larger, hand-decorated flags which we gave out, being held aloft in images of our previous, successful rally. EU IN BRUM members funded these out of their own pockets, but this is not sustainable and the National Rally, promises to have much larger numbers, so in order to get these materials and to make the event a success, we must seek funding from our fellow pro-Remain friends and community. 

We are also offering exclusive 'rewards' to certain donations (please click appropriate link) and will be sincerely thankful for your support and helping to make this a success.

As many people out there are hugely passionate about staying in the EU, as we are, and especially if you have the means, please do help us - as we aim to help everyone.  We work extremely hard and so far have achieved everything EU IN BRUM does simply by contributing (a lot of) our own time, effort, skills and sometimes money.

We'll also use funds for other promotional purposes such as boosting the event on Facebook so it reaches much wider audiences and hopefully attracts more people - adding to the National Rally's success and we will also have some money in reserve, in case we need to pay expenses for any of our speakers, who usually kindly donate their services for free (and we are extremely good at doing things cheaply or without outlay - except our own) and any leftover monies will go towards future campaigning - all for the cause we're all so committed to.


EU IN BRUM is a regional, pro-Remain, pro-EU organization based in Birmingham, involved in wide ranging engagement and activities, including public meetings and talks, community campaigning, networking, online information and resources and organizing the successful #RemainINBrum march on 3rd Sept.

EU IN BRUM is committed to staying in the EU: promoting positive messages and the benefits of the EU and UK in the EU - explaining and demystifying - and working to address senses of marginalization and division in society, through commitments to inclusion, respect and antihate.

Find out more via our website and social media: W: Twitter: @euinbrum Facebook: /EUINBRUM E:

More about the National Rally

This is a vital date for all of us to manifest and show our pro-Remain, pro-EU position - and gain exposure, with Theresa May, David Davis, Boris Johnson and Priti Patel giving addresses in the first major session of the Tory and Government's party conference entitled <<GLOBAL BRITAIN: MAKING A SUCCESS OF BREXIT>> and ministers, politicians, party members and staff, activists and the UK media converged on Birmingham.

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