EU Citizenship is a Permanent Status

by Stop Johnson stealing our health data in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

EU Citizenship is a Permanent Status


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To ask the Court of Justice of the European Union to confirm that the EU Citizenship of all 66 million UK Citizens is a Permanent Status

by Stop Johnson stealing our health data in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

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Duncan Ellison 5th June 2021

I am deeply saddened that freedoms that I have taken for granted my whole life have been taken away by a single vote that passed by the slimmest of margins. At the very worst, the government should have insisted on a 2/3 majority to enact such a monumental change on it's people.

rltogether4eu 14th May 2021

There is a movement towards getting the EU Courts to not recognise the legality of the crookedly tainted tiny margin lie-won Brexit vote for only 17.4/53 mn. 1/3 of electorate, that ignored Advisory Referendum rules that would have kept us in the EU. This is a good idea.There are many of us who will be ready to crowd fund such a case to have 2016 and 2019 Brexit results disallowed, thus leaving us still in EU

Mark Willis 14th May 2021

I no longer trust our government to be responsible stewards of our interests. We are encouraged to put all our eggs in one basket only to find that the government has sold the eggs!

Josephine Pye 5th May 2021

Having planned my retirement in my home in Italy, my plans have been shattered. 90 days out of 180 won't work. Neither will loss of medical cover. My sister and I and our respective spouses (all nearing 70) were going to look after each other in our dotage. I can't forgive a minority of UK population voting away the rights of 60million+ and all our descendants. Also can't forgive a Govt for not protecting this cherished "right" that they must have known would do so much harm.

Catharine Stott 4th May 2021

I am European, my social and physical horizons have always been bigger than this little country, To once again be able to be European would restore how my life has always been.

Kahlil Chapman 29th April 2021

I keep coming back every month for the updates. Now I'm in a slightly better position, I want to really make the point that there are so many of us depending on this. There's a chance to make things right, and to change history in a really spectacular way here. This is real good work. 23rd April 2021

The Treaties give rights to individuals which survive the exit of a Member State. European Citizenship is therefore a 'fundamental status' of the individual.

Let's make 'EU Citizenship is a Permanent Status' happen

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