Eton Mess: David Cameron's Alternative Memoir

by Our Future Our Choice in London, England, United Kingdom

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Outsell David Cameron's memoir with a far shorter, far more honest book describing his time as Prime Minister.

by Our Future Our Choice in London, England, United Kingdom

£7 or more

Copy of "Eton Mess": Grind David's Gears

Get a copy of the book with each £7 you donate.

£14 or more

2 copies of "Eton Mess": Ruin David's Day

Get 2 copies of the book and a great present for someone.

£35 or more

5 Copies of "Eton Mess": P*** Off David Package

Stuff those Christmas stockings!

£350 or more

50 Copies of "Eton Mess": Enough Fuel For Winter

Keep warm in the case of a no-deal Brexit or write memoirs of your own

£7,000 or more

1,000 Copies: Sleep on David's Broken Dreams

Build a luxury bed and sleep in it, happy in the knowledge that you've ruined David's Big Moment.


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