ETIKA Homeware start up business fundraiser

by Daniel in Sutton, England, United Kingdom

ETIKA Homeware start up business fundraiser
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To create an online eco friendly homeware business using sustainable materials from Indonesia, supporting local communities and families.

by Daniel in Sutton, England, United Kingdom


Hello, I hope you are well. My name is Daniel, i'm 29 and currently work part time in retail.
I'm just a regular guy who has worked in customer service job roles for over 10 years now and i'm quite frankly fed up of working really hard for big organisations only to be over worked and under appreciated.
Homeware has always been a passion of mine and i would totally understand if loving homeware was hereditary as my mum shares my passion and the excitement we have over a cushion is ridiculous.
I've also been vegan for over 2 and half years now and this has led me to question my ethics in other areas of my life.
I started with beauty products a few years ago and use only cruelty free beauty and it was a natural progression from there, it has since made me think about where and who i like to give my money too when making purchases in everyday life.
Quickly approaching 30, I would like nothing more than to pour my heart and soul into something i am passionate about and whilst creating beautiful homewares also have a positive impact on the people that make them and the world we all share.
I want to create more than just a business for myself, but a community for people to share their purchases and beautiful homes no matter what home means to you. Home for me is a feeling, the atmosphere created using beautiful pieces and the emotions you feel in your space. I want to break away from this current corporate world that we live in where everything is factory made, unethical, mass produced for the smallest cost to make the biggest profit. A certain demographic benefiting from the profits always at the expense of the workers that never get appreciated. There are so many beautiful people in the world creating beautiful homewares and i want to celebrate this.
I would also like to donate a percentage of sales to a mental health charity as i have and continue to suffer with various mental health conditions for over ten years now and feel its something that needs highlighting and support.

Before you continue reading about my project i would just like to say thank you to everyone who supports me and i appreciate all donations, big or small. If you are unable to donate then please help by sharing my project on social media and with your friends and family.

This has been overwhelming and tough so far and i have exhausted all other funding options so i'm crossing everything that you are able to contribute in some way, allowing me to make positive changes to mine and others lives too. 


I'm raising money to help with the start up costs of creating an online homeware store that is honest and transparant selling beautiful homewares made out of sustainable materials from Indonesia.
I visited Bali back in 2016 and i fell in love with the people and the natural beauty of the country.
I still keep in contact with a local taxi man i met there who has become a firm family friend ever since (hi Norman).
I've seen the products first hand and was blown away by the exceptional craftsmanship and hard work that is required to create such beautiful pieces of furniture.
Rattan is a naturally renewable palm and one of the worlds most sustainable materials.
The benefits of Rattan include:

  • Helps to protect forests from degradation
  • By providing a source of income to rural people, it allows them to become stewards and guards of their forests and biodiversity
  • Provides habitat for endangered and threatened species
  • Ensures a long-term supply of a useful material

The aim is to start here with the potential to use other sustainable materials, work further a field eventually sourcing products globally from local artisans and supporting communities and families all over the world by paying them fairly for their craft.
I would also love to grow the business to a point where it is completely eco friendly in all aspects of the business including packaging using recycled materials.


Honestly, funding has been my biggest obstacle so far with being able to start the business, this is the reason for my page and the reason i am asking for your support and generosity.
I have been on business start up courses, contacted charities (The princes trust etc), reached out to entrepreneurs, enquired about start up loans through business lending companies, bank loans, you name it, i've tried it, and due to bad credit in the past this has been the reason that most avenues have not worked out.


The money raised will be the initial capital i need to start the business.
Because i will be buying stock from overseas, the most expensive area of the business minus the stock itself will be shipping costs, therefor to make it cost effective i have to buy product by the container load.
The funds raised will be used for my first container of product/stock.
As i am a new start up i will be doing what i can myself to save money, using skills i have taught myself to create the website, social media accounts etc.


I would like my business to help change the way people shop and view consumerism.
To be more ethical in their purchases.
To think about where they would like to spend their hard earned money.
To think about who they are supporting when buying products.
To think about paying for quality.
To think about paying for something that has been created, something bespoke, something personal that has been made with love and understanding the higher price point.
To think about how their money is being used and the benefits it could have on the people and the world around them.
To think about the bigger picture and how they can contribute through their purchases to positive changes and creating less harm to the world and people alike.

Please visit my facebook page where i will be posting more about the project including product pictures, information about sustainable materials, artisan videos and much more.

Please also understand at this time i am unable to offer rewards as i am a start up but hopefully if the project is successful i will be able to offer lots back to the people that helped me get there.

Thank you again and i have included a photo below that was taken at a wedding i attended in Bali back when i visited in 2016 and is one of the reasons i fell in love with the country.


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