Ethnic Stores

Ethnic Stores

Creating a ethnic store empire nationally, through out UK. Food Retail, Wholesale, A benchmark concept to attract the right consumer.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

To create 100 ethnic store's nationally from South to North. 


The ethnic communty accounts for some 11m. A diverse mixture from Poles to Jamaicans, Pakistani's to Indian's.

A huge number of eastern european's were seen in the 1990's. If we just look at the Muslim community, 2m muslims, ( 4% of the total UK population ) spending was more then 20.5bn. ( 3bn plus Food Market )

A store concept is needed to acquire for this huge on the grow market. 

No one UK player has been able to capture and lure by having the right offering on show, I have the mechanics and the basic fundementals in place to penetrate creating a  benchmark through out the UK.

Full PP Presentation available for further exploration.