Ethics Seminars at Said

Ethics Seminars at Said

To bring Business Ethics Professor Denis Collins to Oxford for a series of Ethics Seminars

We did it!

On 19th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £615 with 39 supporters in 28 days

Disclaimer: this funding is not to pay the speaker--it is simply to support travel and (dependent on flight costs) accomodation. Given timelines, we're looking to do this at the end of April as we get back for term. 

As a class, we have so far been exposed to a severe drought of ethics teaching in our classes. No leader in the business world goes for very long without having to make decisions that do not have clear-cut right and wrong answers, but we're not learning about how to approach these situations. That's a disservice to us and the companies we'll join, start, and grow -- and it's something we should be talking about at Saïd.  

Integrating this into courses will take time beyond our year here (we're working on this for subsequent years), but this is crucial learning so we have organized a solution:

Seth Collins’ father, Denis Collins, is a tenured professor of Business Ethics at the University of Wisconsin (where he has been voted the Outstanding MBA Faculty Member three times and was a finalist for the Academy of Management’s Distinguished Educator Award) and Edgewood College, is an author of Business Ethics textbooks, and an ethics-in-leadership consultant who works with many of the major firms in Wisconsin. He also runs a popular blog that applies ethical frameworks to current news, which you can preview at

Dennis has agreed to come out for an extended weekend and run a series of voluntary ethics workshops for those interested, if we are able to cover his flight and board. We've looked into having SBS sponsor this, but this isn't possible due to the bureaucracy of the University. Ian Rogan has encouraged us to pursue this through the OBNs as a joint event, as ethics has role in the interaction of business and all of our sectors. This is the fastest way to ensure that we get some high-quality, committed teaching in ethics this year. 

So we're asking you to help us fund it. With over 300 students at SBS, GBP 3 from everyone more or less hits our goal. We could write more breakdowns, you get the gist.  

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