Green & Sexy Revolution! Let's Make a Magazine!

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Green & Sexy Revolution! Let's Make a Magazine!

To expand Ethical Hedonist Magazine , while we help save the planet one green & sexy, ethical, organic and sustainable story at a time!

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Help Ethical Journalism Flower - More Green and Sexy Media 4 The Planet!

Welcome to  Our Green and Sexy, Ethical Hedonist  World
Welcome to the inspiring world of The Ethical Hedonist Magazine -  We are here to do one thing. To make ideas around sustainable living fun, sexy and guilt-free.  We are writing our socks off to entertain and inform you with the most brilliant ways to be organic, ethical and support fair-trade and to do it with style and panache.  We want to save the planet, one thought-provoking, interview, feature or video at a time!  We are writing, photographing and filming our way to a sustainable media for nature and the planet revolution! Be part of this incredible change and help fund exciting, inspiring, ethical journalism, and help us to train the next generation of ethical journalists too.

 I'm Alison Jane Reid, the journalist founder and editor of a different kind of magazine. I'm passionate about turning the world sustainable. It's my life's passion. I've been organic since I discovered my very first farmers market at university in Bangor. I've also been talking about my green and sexy ideas in You Magazine with Sienna Miller and Bono's wife Alison, back in 2004/5.  I was one of the first journalists to talk about making fashion ethical and I've interviewed Sir David Attenborough on climate change, his life, Casablanca, and what we can all do to create a super sustainable world.  Just imagine what I can do with your help!  Together with my talented editorial team, I have a dream to write and create a 1001 new sustainable features and interviews - and then keep going,  as we nurture and grow the magazine into a  trailblazing, ethical, fair-trade, sustainable and organic online multi media platform, owned and run by its journalists, photo journalists and film makers.  It's called Ethical Hedonist because I wanted to show that sustainable thinking is smart, cutting edge, inspiring, mainstream, and the future for our extraordinary planet. Green is most definitely sexy!

Why We are Crowd Funding

We are crowd-funding to bring you a whole lot more of the ethical media for nature your love! That means an expanded Ethical Hedonist each month with more beautifully crafted, inspirational features, videos and storytelling on celebrity green icons, nature, conservation, ethical fashion and all our key topics, whilst remaining independent and free of vested interests. We are also setting up a foundation, to champion diversity in the media, and nurture more ethical journalists for the future.

Sir David Attenborough to Slow Fashion Superstars

We feature  news and features on Sir David Attenborough on Climate Change, conservation and nature - to Prince Harry saving rhinos . To that you can add:  inspiring, must read money columns on social impact banking and investing and lovingly crafted journalism on sustainable luxury fashion that makes the heart leap and well researched, intelligent articles on natural health and organic skincare.

How We Can Help You to Live an Inspiring, Green and Sexy  Life

Fund Ethical Hedonist Magazine and help us create the No1 Magazine for a glamorous, aspirational approach to going organic and sustainable. We believe it should be fun and life-enhancing. We don't preach. We like to inspire and captivate you with news, features and brilliant columns  on how to live a better and more ethical, organic and conscious life, have fun, buy gorgeous organic products and services and save the planet!

"Ethical Hedonist is a beautifully presented magazine that follows the same principles as Eco Companion, helping to educate and inspire tomorrow’s ‘green consumers’ as part of a wider sustainability movement. We’re proud to partner with AJ and with Ethical Hedonist, and look forward to what’s to come!’ Max Sinclair, Co Founder, Eco Companion."

Ethical Hedonist TV

More Inspiring Ethical Media for Nature and the Planet

Making a film at London Fashion Week on organic cotton with film icon Jenny Agutter

Ethical Hedonist celebrates my two greatest passions in life: journalism and innovative ideas around the circular economy, environmentalism and organic food and farming. When the quality journalism I love vanished in print, I decided to reinvent it online and Ethical Hedonist was born!

Alison Jane interview with Michelin Star Chef Andy McFadden at Borough Market 

Everything I Do Today is Inspired by a Tiny Organic Bakery

Everything I do today as the founder of Ethical Hedonist Magazine is inspired by a tiny artisan organic bakery, in my university town, Bangor, in North Wales. If Hogwarts had its own bakery, this would be it. This higgledy piggeldy jewel of an organic bakery changed my life forever because it showed me how important sustainable, organic farming is to the future health of our extraordinary planet and its people. We want to help stimulate a local and organic food growing revolution.

Championing local, organic and artisan food producers

My Track Record On Broadsheets and Magazines

Our founding editor, Alison Jane, comperes the cat-walk at The Ethical Hedonist slow-fashion tea party

My mission is simple – I am using the craft of feature writing and my track record on broadsheets and leading magazines to show that sustainability can be mainstream, innovative, fun, luxurious, thoroughly life-enhancing and better for people, animals and the planet we all live on. Together, we can create a more compassionate, sustainable world, free of inhumanity, cruelty and injustice.

"Alison Jane is an incredibly gifted writer and creative thinker. We have worked with her on a number of projects both written and photographic, always highly original, fresh and innovative." Ced Wells, Creative Director,  AJ Wells and Charnwood Stoves.

Interview with Ben Fogle

Meet Our Editorial Team

Meet our growing team of talented  journalists, videographers, presenters and photo journalists – , Rebecca O'Connor, Victor Olliver, Christian Bell, Dr Neeth Para, Scubazoo TV,  Gianni Diliberto; and interns Ana Maria  and Kevin Worrall.  Together, we can’t wait to inform, captivate and entertain you with our beautifully crafted, multi media magazine.

Our Rewards

We hope you love our rewards. They are are all about harnessing my feature and fashion editing skills and the collective  creativity and talents  our of editorial team. It all about what we do best.

1. Special digital download of Ethical Hedonist post crowd-funding. Everyone who helps to fund the magazine will receive a thank you, shout-out or your name on the magazine. If you are an ethical business, come onboard, and get talked about. We will feature every business backer in the collector's edition!

2. Ethical fashionista and Designers! Get involved in our gala night of slow fashion and debate in London. This will bring together some of the leading stars of the sustainable fashion movement, for a lively debate on fast v slow fashion. There will  be a reception, with plenty of time to network, plus a market place, where readers will be able to buy and order beautiful garments made to last a lifetime. (We would like to run this to coincide with the next LFW or to catch Christmas shoppers. We will contact you all to agree a date that works for everyone). 

3. Now to our business rewards.  This is your chance to commission AJ and her team to create a one of a kind piece of storytelling on your sustainable luxury brand in words and pictures or film, with beautiful storytelling, panache and originality. Let us create the excitement and impact for you and reach your target audience of discerning, ethical luxury consumers. This is totally portable and for you to use to market your brand and create excitement.  AJ has collaborated with some of the most prestigious, authentic luxury brands during her illustrious career: Chanel, Pringle of Scotland,  Jaguar Cars,  La Perla, The Post Office, Marks and Spencer, Escada, Charnwood/AJ Wells, David Nieper, Inlight Organic Skincare, Purity Organic Skincare and Voyage. Please get in touch before we launch to discuss your requirements -

Our Aims

 We want to be the No 1 intelligent, well-informed, fun, informed voice for a new eco age.

Our aim is to inspire you, make you think and be the magazine you always turn to for brilliant, well-researched features and advice on how to live sustainably, have fun and have the information you need to make exciting sustainable choices.

Alison Jane tastes a slow-food dish at L'autre Pied during an interview with Michelin-starred chef, Andy McFadden 

So why should you back me and the Ethical Hedonist Team? I’ve been a leading British journalist for more than 20 years, and my interviews and features have been read by millions of people in The Times Magazine, You, The Sunday Times, Mirror Group, The Lady, Country Life, The Independent, Coast and The Illustrated London News Group. Recently, I was voted one of the top 100 ethical opinion formers on social media by the Triodos Bank and I have been championing sustainability for more than 15 years in national newspapers.

Zandra Rhodes - Princess of Punk Couture 

We Want to Entertain You and Make Sustainable Ideas Exciting

Championing the slow-living market at the Rosewood in London

But let’s make one thing clear. We are not the hair shirt version of sustainability – we want to captivate and inform you and be the pied pipers for a low carbon, super sustainable world for all of us.

So what are we going to do with the money we raise from crowd funding?

Why We are Crowd-funding

Prince Harry helps to dart a rhino on a special conservation project with Wilderness Safaris

We are crowd funding to cover our basic, stripped down, editorial running costs while we develop our long-term revenue channels and really expand our ability to film lots more inspiring interviews and special features for the Ethical Hedonist YouTube Channel. We will also set up a foundation to raise money for paid bursaries and scholarships for journalists, photo journalists and film makers from the age of 16- 95 to work for the magazine.  Diversity is at the heart of everything we do.  This is your chance to get involved and literally help make this magazine. Buy a reward that puts you right where the action is! How would you like to be my personal assistant on my next big interview, conservation story or ethical fashion feature?

Let's Make a Sustainable Magazine Together!

A team picture from the Slow-Fashion Tea Party

The time is now! Please join the Ethical Hedonist Magazine Revolution. Snap up a reward that will bring you up close and personal with me, the magazine and the incredible people I am planning to interview and film in the coming months. Don’t miss out.

This is your chance to be part of green and sexy magazine revolution! - let’s make a different and extraordinary magazine together! - Alison Jane and Team Ethical Hedonist.

"Alison Jane’s Ethical Hedonist magazine is an amazing resource for all things stylish and fabulous as well as having heart. The Ethical Hedonist Magazine is an example of how we don’t necessarily have to compromise on the things we love to be kind." Actress Alexandra Dowling, Star of BBC Musketeers.


Ethical Hedonist is read all around the globe, with 1 million organic shares and an international global hit for Alison Jane's authentic interview with actor and passionate environmentalist, Colin Morgan. Alison Jane has a devoted following for her well-crafted thought provoking iconic interviews with Sir David Attenborough, Gordon Buchanan and her descriptive features and interviews with the stars of the sustainable fashion movement. She has twice been voted into the Triodos Bank Top 100 ethical opinion formers on social media in May and November 2016. Ethical Hedonist has 28,000  followers on twitter and growing. 

 "Ethical Hedonist is a magazine that shares stories that matter with an interesting and fresh angle. Alison Jane wrote a story about AmaElla Lingerie and we absolutely loved it. She has a natural ability to tell stories. We love the way she connects with the audience through her writing.” Lara San Gil, Co-Founder, AmaElla Lingerie.


Our aim is to disrupt mainstream, traditional print and online media, and offer an exciting ethical and sustainable media, focused on airing ideas around sustainability, fair-trade, eco tech innovation and the circular economy -and to do it with style, innovation and first class storytelling. 

Alison Jane interviews film icon Jenny Agutter


 To create a vibrant, self-sustaining ethical and multi media publishing company that funds itself through advertising, sponsorship, creative consultancy and  a journalistic foundation which will offer paid bursaries to journalists from the ages of 16- 95.  

Financial Statement

We are raising funds to cover our editorial running costs whilst we develop our long-term, sustainable revenue channels.  

Financial Breakdown for 2017

Staff- Editorial, Marketing and Interns -  £46,000 (this is the lowest amount we can operate on for the next year and pay our staff the living wage). This will cover wages for two members of staff and two interns, one journalist trainee and one marketing and social media trainee.

Second Hand Filming and Camera Equipment - Approx £1,500

Editorial Admin  £3,000

Government Enterprise loan payments - £2,600 pa

Journalist Foundation - £900 approx 

Crowdfunding Fees - £4-6,000 , dependant on funds raised

Total=  Our total target for the next year of Ethical Hedonist is £60,000 broken down into an initial  £20,000 goal and 40,000 stretch target.  ( Please note, we have chosen to lower our target on crowd funder, to manage the risk attached to successful crowd funding, as we are a small team and do not have access to professional marketing help). We have also applied for social impact funding from the Santander fund, which kicks in when our campaign is well-funded and they have approved us for support for our social impact journalism foundation.

"Ethical Hedonist Magazine has an amazing future and is ahead of its game. At The Philanthropy Club we see the trends of how more and more entrepreneurs, businesses and social enterprises are combining social good with compassionate commercialisation, resulting in a world of good and services that by default make a difference to society simply by purchasing. Ethical Hedonist is already there with a message for social good embedded into the very fabric of its features. Alison Jane is a journalist visionary and revolutionary in her approach to meaningful luxury. This is a space you have to invest in or regret not jumping in early. If you love ethical luxury and love the world you live in, fund EH and join the movement!" Afzaal Mauthoor, Serial, Sustainable Entrepreneur and Founder of the Philanthropy Club, London.

Sustainable Brands We Champion and Collaborate With