Ethical Homes

Ethical Homes

 What can a Builder and a Social Worker acheive together? Ethical Homes !! Our aim is to provide good quality homes to people in need.

We did it!

On 25th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!! 

I hope you had a good Christmas, with your loved ones, in your safe and warm home. 

Sadly, not everybody is so lucky and many people, don't have a home of their own. Having been homeless ourselves in the past, this was the inspiration behind Ethical Homes and Property Solutions. Our aim is to provide affordable and safe homes to those in need.Well what do you expect when a Social Worker and a Builder get together? You, are only ever going to end up with Ethical Homes and Property Solutions, right?!? 

                         We Need Your Help, Please? 

We are just starting out on this new venture but we already own (privately) a four bedroom property in West Sussex. We need to modernise this property for resale. We anticipate that the refurbishment costs for this property will be £8000 and that is where, we are asking for your help. Upon resale, we anticipate that there will be at least £50000, profit. This profit will be used to reinvest into Ethical Homes and Propety Solutions, to purchase smaller properties in the local area which we will manage and let to individuals in need.

There is a shortage of affordable housing in the UK and especially in the South East where Ethical Homes and Property Solutions is based. Many people within the local area find it difficult to secure suitable accommodation, due to the high rents and inflexible private landlords, who will not accept Housing Benefit.

This is where Ethical Homes and Property Solutions is different, we understand that every situation is different and every individual deserves a home of their. Our aim is to give people another chance to secure safe accomadation and we WILL take Housing Benefit. To us it's about supporting people in need, who want to change their lives but need some support to do so. We believe in enabling ndividuals to find their feet in difficult circumstances and ultimately, meet their full potential.

But we really need YOUR support, so that we can make this venture work and help people in need to have a safe space to call home.



The company Directors Victoria and Steven come from opposing but complementary professional backgrounds. Yet, combined they produce the perfect symphony to enable a dynamic and ethical business to thrive.

Victoria’s professional background comes from her years as a dedicated Social Worker, working both in the public and private sectors, across a range of services, including supported housing. Victoria’s experience working from entry level to senior management level has enabled her to develop a wide and varied range of transferable skills which have culminated in her current business venture, which she is passionate about succeeding with. 

Steven, has 26 years professional experience within the construction industry. Steven, started his carer as an apprentice window fitter and progressed his way to senior management level while developing his excellent skills across a range of building trades. Steven’s extensive experience and competence, eventually led him to start his own building company, which he has successfully run for a number of years.

Both Victoria and Steven, are driven to support others and feel now is the time to make a positive difference. As they believe in being the positive change they want to see in the world. Please support us with this venture! 

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