Etching to Expand

Etching to Expand

Buy a laser cutter for the expansion of my own unique designs for bespoke wedding stationery,laser cut and acrylic etched invites.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Project aim

Buy a laser cutter for the expansion of my own unique designs for bespoke wedding stationery, laser cut and acrylic etched invites.

Project Aim


Saw the launch of my first website: Creative Celebrationz. For years, I had a passion in designing and creating cards, albeit basic at the time. This quickly progressed due to popularity and began making these in different styles of cards, keepsakes and wedding stationery.


March 2014 

With the popularity of the website and gaining experience in what people wanted, I began making and selling wax products mainly in the form of wax melts. These came about due to someone asking if I made wax melts to be inserted in a Mother's Day card.

This added a new dimension to my business in not only making stationery, cards, and card products but now expanding that idea with incorporating wax melts. This also has become popular along with the card gifts and with the launch of a monthly wax club leading to a new website Simply Scentsations


September 2014:

Re-branding creativecelebrationz became Couture Wedding Stationery This site saw the incorporation of the wax melts sold as wedding favors, bridesmaid gifts etc. and also supplying wedding stationery and other quality handcrafted gifts and keepsakes.

March 2015:

Selling my products through Pinkies Crafter's Cavern in Canvey Island, Sheree who owns Pinkies has been an enormous support for me, also selling through Ebay and Facebook. 


Help from Housing Association

Since moving to Fleetwood in 2014, I have had the support and guidance for my housing association (Regenda) to help me getting underway and pointing me in the right direction. Also starting a business course shortly, thanks to the help of Regenda.

Etching to make a difference...

                                                      ...with the help from pledges.


To take my small home business to the next level is to bring in new designs, bespoke creations, and ideas with a unique twist to wedding stationery, keepsakes and wax products are by the incorporation of a Desktop Laser Engraver and Cutter.  This will give a unique feel to wedding invites, not only making these in card but also using acrylic, adding the twist of something new t o my range.

As I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator efficiently, I can design my own bespoke invites for either cutting or engraving. Instead of using the generic invites readily available.

These are a few of my bespoke designs and proving very popular.


At the moment my savings, sales and takings go straight back into reinvesting, buying and replenishing stock and running my business. With the aid of pledges, this will enhance my business experience, making products which have a more special look and feel and for helping me achieve this you will get that special thank you in helping me move forward.

Your funding will go towards:

  • Laser cutter/Engraver £1125 (HPC Laser LTD)
  • Product recyclable packaging and labelling 
  • Marketing and promotion



Thank you for taking the time to read through my crowdfunding project

The funding for this project is if I meet my target of £1,560 so every donation counts! I would also appreciate if you could share my project to your contacts, so to reach as many people as possible.

If my project is unsuccessful and I do not meet my target then your pledge will be refunded back to you.

Thank you once again for reading my project!