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eSykel - Renewable Energy Source

eSykel - The transportable renewable energy source creating electricity from cycling

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £12 with 2 supporters in 94 days

Hi, welcome to eSykel.

One small cycle for man, one giant leap for man kind.

We believe innovation is best when it is unlimited.

We want to capture the energy expended by cyclists, transfer it into electricity and store it in a removable battery so you can charge or use electronic devices wherever you want.

This would be free renewable electricity generated from cycling. You could be creating electricity on the way to work, to a friend's house, to the park, to a camping site or anywhere else you can cycle to.

Most electronic bikes focus on assiting the propulsion of the rider, but we believe this neglects too much of the exercise and fitness aspects that are beneficial to your health. We could potenially add an assisting feature later on but will not be our primary concept.

This technology has already been proven to work on stationary bikes. Now we are going to mobilise and globalise this concept.

Cycling is a great way to speed up your commute by avoiding traffic jams on the road or the busy hot packed transportation systems. With eSykel, you will also be generating renewable electricity in the process.

Help us bring the future closer to today.

We are also crowdfunding. We appreciate anything you can afford.

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