Essential Healthcare Services Limited

Essential Healthcare Services Limited

To buy office equipment including computer for use in my newly registered company.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am a 48 year old British man. I originally came from Zimbabwe. Since arrving from my birth coumtry in 2002, I worked in various sectors including bin collection and waiting tables in hotels.

When i started care work, at first I did not know if i wouldbe ableto do the job properly. However, I realised that I had so much to give to all the clients i supported. I also realised that apart from provideing care and companionship to these individuals they gave me the company i needed and they were there for measmuch as i was there for them.

When i left Zimbabwe i did not have my family with me. I had left a wife andatwo year old son. However, working asa live-in carer dreww me closer to the people i support as i lived with them. I found family in them and every positive feedback i received made me aware of how much differrence i made in their lives.

I was inspiredto study for a BA Hons Applied Social Science and i also have a PGCE IN Social Care. Now i have started a limitedcompany and would like to build my bussines . I have alwaysworkedwith people with various needsand abilities. It is satisfactory for me and I would liketo comtinue doing so via my limited company. However, i need some capital for the bussinessto take off. I have registered with some established agences who i work alongside so there are opportunities for my bussinesto grow.