Espressini webshop and education center.

We are going online, and offering public coffee workshops to develop our community's interest in brewing and tasting our coffee at home.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Why is Espressini crowdfunding? 

 We are regularly asked questions about how we make our customers 'experience' so special.  we believe it's our collective passion about our coffee and industry that shines through. We take pride when we are guiding our customers through coffee choices and telling them stories about our own personal adventures in tasting coffee and brewing different coffees.  

We regularly share with our customers the story of each featured coffee as it arrives in our shops.  We explain how every new batch of coffee is hand crafted especially for them. As a result some courageous customers get hooked on our coffee and brewing it their way at home or outside.

We would like to embrace the demands of our customers and make our passion and pride for coffee education a reality.

With your support we propose an annual calendar of special events,  offering learning clubs,  one-on-one espresso tuition and pre booked group sessions of brewing and cupping coffee that provides a foundation of knowledge for our customers who are keen to take their interest of coffee and coffee industry to another level.  


A little bit about our journey 

Espressini was born of a simple desire to bring specialty coffee to Falmouth. So in 2011 we got things started.  After living and working abroad the concept of Espressini made good sense: It satisfied a nagging itch to create a great coffee venue that brought new techniques and showcased speciality coffee to the community of coffee lovers in Cornwall. Thanks in part to the credit crunch we discovered that we could afford to take a shop on the outskirts of Falmouth town at a viable rental rate. Admittedly,  everyone said I was mad! But I said we would be mad not to! 

On the anniversary of our first year we were fortunate enough to be able to take on the vacant shop next door and connect the two buildings.  We developed a kitchen for creating breakfasts and a retail bay to showcase our Black lodge ' house espresso and takeaway.


At present

Black lodge espresso is now truly a world exclusive to us at Espressini,  since we purchase the entire crop from which it is made directly from the farmer in Brazil.  We use this coffee in our shops and sell bags of it to our customers. We are very proud of this relationship between our farmer and roaster since it compliments our ethos and allows us to be recognised on the global coffee stage and deliver a unique product to our custmers.

A little later,  in 2013, we managed to secure another,  smaller shop by the old harbour at the opposite end of Falmouth town. This has bec a haven for coffee lovers and a destination for aficionado’s.  We are very proud to be working with some of the very best speciality coffee roasters and farmers around the world,  all from our small corner of the historic trading port of Falmouth. 

Since Espressini's inception we have been absolutely unwavering in our determination to create a vibrant coffee community through the provision of coffee excellence and by delivering high service standards.  We are the passion and personality behind our products. As a collection of people,  the Espressini team is the foundation stone of a long journey. We recognise that it is not only our product, but also our people which gives our business the guts and drive to progress,  to make continual improvements and refinements and to hone our skills and techniques.  We are hungry to teach and grow,  both for the benefits of our own employment and that of our own community. 


Our coffee future

Our customers like our approach ; we are approachable and nurturing which makes their experience different.  We regularly get asked ; 'when are you opening in our town? ' or 'when can you teach me to make coffee like you guys do?  ' This is what the next role for Espressini will be: giving our customers exactly what the knowledge they have been asking for. 

And so,  here we come to the next stage of our business development. 


We need your help... 

Skill and knowledge really are the benchmarks of our speciality coffee business.  Knowledge,  skill, passion and pride for our business is what motivates us as coffee professionals and it's our motivation which encourages our customers to keep coming back for more. 

We would like to embrace the demands of customers and make coffee education a reality.  We propose therefore an annual calendar of events,  offering learning clubs for pre book groups of our of our customers keen to take their interest of coffee to another level.  In so doing we hope to develop their observations and their techniques when using their espresso machines or filter brewers at home in order to achieve their own exemplary result.

Our customers regularly say I've been bought an espresso machine or Japanese brewer as a Christmas present,  but ive never really been taught to use it '.

Team Espressini would like to blow the lid off the mystery of being a home Barista And encourage confident home coffee brewing.  Turning our ever growing community into cult status coffee connoisseurs.  Through one on one coffee training sessions and public workshops we desire to share the coffee knowledge. 

In order for this vision to become a reality we kindly ask you for your help in raising funds.  With enough backing we will achieve the glorious revolution in coffee and take our first steps into a new an exciting era of Cornish coffee culture.