Escaping my Narcissistic Mother.

by Daughter of a Narcissistic mother in London, England, United Kingdom

Escaping my Narcissistic Mother.
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Please help me to escape my living situation.

by Daughter of a Narcissistic mother in London, England, United Kingdom

Please help me to leave my  dysfunctional living situation. I am currently living with my narcissistic mother. She is jealous, selfish and neglectful and has never been a good mother. I have had to learn every life skill alone with no support during any developmental stage. She has wasted her relationship with me and has had every opportunity to build something positive with her only daughter. 

My mental health is really poor and I am depressed and suicidal. I can't believe that somebody - my own mother nonetheless - can be so awful. There is no excuse, there never can be and there never has been. She has taken a dislike to me from birth; and I cannot even put into words, the sheer amount of hurt that she has caused me. 

She is kind to everyone else, and is a respectable member of the community, but she incapable of being a mother. There is no reason for a mother to behave in such an abusive manner. It is her choice and her doing. I 

The money will go towards my living costs and education. I want to be free.

I need to make plans to leave, please help me.

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