ESCAPE Gaming Venue

A campaign to fund the first Escape Gaming Venue in the UK, providing easy, affordable access to various types of gaming.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Take part in the future of Video Gaming - help us to create a place where people can access various gaming types from cutting edge high tech VR to old school classic retro arcade classics all under one roof for a reasonable price. Help us to build the first ESCAPE GAMING VENUE and get the chance of early bird rewards, ranging from discounted passes to corporate packages! 





A project explainer video has been produced for this campaign, it is really worth a look and explains most of the project in an easy-to-watch, funny way. To view please follow this link


The project task is to create a venue for the gaming culture called ESCAPE. This will consist of a single building housing initially a selection of retro arcade machines, virtual reality simulators & specialist pc gaming stations. We will be selling access to gaming technology and gaming systems that are not commonly found in most households due to cost and give customers the space they need to use them properly. Also available will be hot and cold drinks and hot and cold snacks via vending machines. Our primary business will be from gamers however we also hope to provide the use of the venue as alternative entertainment/experiences to the disabled community or older generations and also as an education, training and team building facility for businesses, schools, colleges and any other organisations that may benefit. 


Some time ago now virtual reality prototypes hit the scene through crowdfunding platforms and from seeing their campaigns and new technology, I had just one question...where can I have a go!? Have you had a go yet? The answer still hasnt been answered. Also as a family man myself with two sons rapidly approaching teenage hoodyness, I am running out of places to go as a family that each of us would find fun in some way.

So from this I imagined a new type of gaming arcade, not something from the 70's at the local seaside resort with worn, thread bare carpets and filament bulbs half working but something new, exciting, something that looked super cool, somewhere with the latest gaming tech where I could go with my family and where everyone of us could enjoy something on offer. With VR treadmills, racing chairs hooked up to VR headsets, rows of flying simulation stations complete with flight sticks, high power competition grade PC gaming stations for the enthusiasts and plenty of retro arcade machines for us old school gamers. I just wanted somewhere with easy access and the capability to offer anybody who walks through the door a different kind of experience that they will enjoy and that they could actually afford. After all how many families have £1500 for a PC, £500 for a VR headset, not to mention the monitors, keyboards, mice, games, VR treadmills or racing wheels! And who has the room in most family homes to house the latest simulation equipment? I know if I put a VR treadmill in the middle of the front room, it wouldnt be there very long!!!

This is where ESCAPE comes in - a venue for gamers and a new type of family entertainment venue. 

How you can help...

With all good ideas unfortunately they cost money to get started and with the nature of the proposed business we need a fair amount, so this is where you come in! If you like your video games, would like somewhere new to take your teenagers or if you are a gaming enthusiast interested in local esports gaming competitions then you can help us. By sending us a pledge you will help to make this idea a reality and if we are successful with the first site we hope to open many more in the future making us a national entertainment venue with each venue concentrating on its local area and customers, bringing our services even closer to you. 

What benefits can you get?

As you will see from the rewards list on the right you can get substantial discounts as well as being part of the project. If we hit our target we can go ahead with the pilot site however if we meet our stretch goals we can afford to install bigger and better technology giving you our customers even more variety or if we go even higher then we can install an under 12's section full of the latest gaming technology but all for ages of 12 years and below.

For further details of what GOLD and PLATINUM Memberships have to offer please visit

Think of this ..... If every person in Plymouth alone, that owned a gaming machine pledged just £2 each then we would have enough to open a venue at the basic level!!! Thats the equivalent of approximately 2 plays on a basic arcade machine!!


 Meet the team.......Well actually its just me!!!

Paul Mason - Managing Director, project lead, head of admin, secretary, video producer, marketing manager,  tour bus operator, cleaner, .... basically everything! (Always wanted to be Tony Stark or the Joker when I grow up).

My career has spanned over 20 years within various marine industries taking various roles all with an engineering basis and I have been part of numerous projects varying in size from micro up to the colossal! I have enjoyed my time as an engineer however I am a massive geek at heart so I want to follow my dream of owning my own company, making a better life for my family and doing something I enjoy. I love playing video games and messing with technology. I have been playing games since R-Type was first in the arcades during the 80's and feel lucky to have lived to see the industry grow to what it is today. Some of my favourite games include Dig Dug (Commodore 64), Shinobi (Master Sytem), Streets of Rage (Mega Drive), Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Super NES), Metal Gear Solid (Playstation original),  GTA Vice City (PS2),  Halo Series (Xbox original), Dead Space (Xbox 360) and Batman Arkham Knight (Xbox One). 

Stretch Goal....

If we can reach our first stretch goal of £200,000 we intend to purchase and install various specialised virtual reality simulators such as the MMOne 360 degree VR simulator. These machines show what VR can be capable of and we want you to have the chance of using one right here in Plymouth UK. For more information on MMOne see the video below.

As well as being able to purchase some of the larger, more expensive simulators we would love to offer the ESCAPE Gaming venue to everyone, therefore if we can raise £250,000 to meet our second stretch goal then we will be able to afford to rent larger premises and install a section dedicated to gamers that are 12 years or younger!

So there it is in a nutshell, obviously our business plan goes into much more detail however its far too much information to be put on here. If you do have anymore qusetions then please do not hesitate to contact us either through our Facebook page or contact us form that can be found on our website at

Thanks for reading and remember together we can make this happen. IT'S YOUR TURN! MAKE A PLEDGE!

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