Escape Zone London - Escape Room Game in London

You are locked inside a room. You have 60 minutes. Can you solve the puzzles and find the clues to escape? The clock is ticking.

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We are Escape Zone London, a new escape game based in London. 

Our first room will be a Pirate ship escape room with the following story line:

You find a map which shows the location of a treasure island, however instead of the island you will find the legendary captain Blackbeard's cursed ship. You board the ship but meanwhile you are inside the door suddenly closes behind you and you will be trapped inside.

Will you be able to escape or you will stay there forever. 


You never heard what is an Escape Room? 

An "Escape Room" is an interactive live adventure game in which players discover hidden clues and solve puzzles in order to accomplish a specific goal within a limited amount of time (60 mins). The goal can be, for example, to solve a crime or to simply physically exit the room. 

Each room has a theme (i.e. mysterious background story) that will keep you engaged and entertained. By solving each puzzle you will be provided more clues in order to progress further until you unlock all the secrets and exit the room.


Who can participate in the game?

Escape Zone London will encourage you to think out of the box while promoting team work to find clues and solve the puzzles. As long as you can read and enjoy being challenged, you can participate. It's great for families, a group of friends, or even as a corporate team building experience.




You will have 1 hour time to escape.

- Solve the puzzles

- Enjoy the game

- Escape 


We are planning to open in May 2016, Pay now, Enjoy discounted prices.



 Supporter prices, don't miss them! :) 

  • Team of 2 = £50 
  • Team of 3 = £64 
  • Team of 4 = £79
  • Team of 5 = £86 


Your support will help us to reach our goal of £4,000, to make the room as we have dreamed it. 


The planned design for our supporter T-Shirt. 



About the project? We're creating an attraction in London where you can play live escape games.

How much does it cost? Our original price is from £21 per player but - we're offering discounted price if you support our project. 

How many games do you have? To save on the cost we will start with one room, however we have more ideas for the future. 


Additional Information:                 

  • Game time allowed: 60 minutes
  • Team size: 2-5 players
  • Age recommended: 15+




What happens if you don't reach your £4,000 target? You will not be charged if you've pledged. We might push back our opening time as we will only open if everything is perfect.

What happens if you reach your £4,000 target?  We will have the money to open on time and to make a unique experience for you.