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Escape from poverty


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To provide activities for disadvantaged young people so they can participate in adventurous pursuits to raise their confidence/self-esteem.

by Lynne Yousef in South Shields, England, United Kingdom

We play a key part in enabling  young people from South Tyneside to discover new and exciting spaces and places in their close communities and further a field. For example, taking young people for a scenic walk in Hareshaw Linn and swimming in the river by  the waterfall. We raise young peoples' awareness of the abundant opportunities available to them through exposing them to new experiences. Through such work,  our young people learn first hand for themselves  the benefits of  a little bit of planning and creativity, and applying a pro-active approach to their own lives.  We help young people  aspire to gain more out of their lives, and learn to be  grateful participants in their own communities. Our vision is to help young people create an abundant mind set, where they see for themselves the power of looking around and asking "what can we do", "what is important to us" and then taking steps in that direction. 

We will use the money to provide young people with a mixture of structured and unstructured activities, thus, facilitating effective group work learning experiences. This enables us to help young people make the most of the invaluable learning involved in working in a group. Through years of working with young people in South Tyneside, we have discovered that it is quite a territorial area, with young people quite reluctant to mix with others from different areas in the borough. We want to work to encourage young people to collaborate with one another, learn to trust the process, work to form trusting relationships, and feel valued by being a part of a team. 

With years of experience in youth work we recognise the power of groups, so by introducing various groups to one another in a structured, safe setting e.g. football tournaments, where there are rules, boundaries and adults watching for fair play all participants benefit and even those deemed 'most hard to reach' can enjoy a positive experience. 

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