Escape from fascism. Retire to my little boat.

by Randy Northrop in Hartland, England, United Kingdom

Escape from fascism. Retire to my little boat.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

to be able to escape/retire from the UK. this country has lost its way. i need out.

by Randy Northrop in Hartland, England, United Kingdom

N.B. : if you're right wing/brexiteer...this is not for involves compassion.

            I am 64; trying to retire. To my little boat in the mediterranean. I am going to receive my so called "pension benefit" in 2 years. If it hasnt been axed by the fascists. I've been self employed since "thatcher" the ultimate 0 hours contract. living on subsistence wages since my separation. Generally been unable to contribute to a state pension.  I now am faced with things happening/have happened to the UK i can no longer endure. And I fear for ANYONE in reduced circumstances...simply trying to survive in the 3rd world country this is becoming. I must leave. as soon as.  The money im asking for- (6,000- will be for living expences for 2 years in the Med.; on my little boat. Anything more would truly be a bonus. Thank you.

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