Eradicate kids obesity: Rethink Labelling

Eradicate kids obesity: Rethink Labelling

Eradicate kids obesity: Rethink Labelling

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Ok .... Could you tell what this label represents?

Yes / No...? Something to do with a slice..?

Imagine been a kid and working out what the heck this means - is it good, bad, will I get fat, who knows?

We need to re-think labelling for kids / imagine instead this:

If we could tell kids "how many bounces" are in each pack of crisps/sweets/sugary drinks etc. - wouldn’t that make it easier for them to work out the relationship between food and the exercise needed for their bodies to burn it off?

What’s a bounce? Whenever we run, skip, walk, hop or jump - quicker than a slow walk - we bounce a little bit...

If we could license this through subscription to all of the snack producers who sell to our kids in the UK - The revenue we get could provide all kids in the UK (aged 5 - 9) with a bounce band it could effectively show kids how active they are being.

When a child picks up that pack of chocolate and sees that it has for example 2000 bounces in it, but on their bounce band they only have 1000 bounces, could it stop them from eating that pack of chocolate, could it make them exercise first before eating the chocolate?

Let’s start this thing and get the momentum for government to back it - by the time a child is 14 and obese ---- ITS ALMOST TOO LATE.

I have set this page to all or nothing on the funds raised. The £200,000 would enable me to start this charity, but more importantly provide publicity and a springboard for the charities launch.