by Hayley Crook and Luke Caulfield in Coroico

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Help victims of illegal wildlife trafficking by equipping the veterinary clinic at La Senda Verde Wildlife Sanctuary in Bolivia.

by Hayley Crook and Luke Caulfield in Coroico




(The first £1000 raised will be used to pay for an oxygen concentrator, the next £500 towards getting all of the equipment to Bolivia.  Anything over this £1500 will be put towards our overall target and be used towards the cost of an X-ray machine.)  

What is La Senda Verde Wildlife Sanctuary?

La Senda Verde is an amazing wildlife Sanctuary in Bolivia.  Situated on the edge of the Amazon, it is home to over 700 victims of wild animal trafficking, ranging from small birds and tortoises to larger cats and Andean bears.  It was founded by Vicky Ossio and Marcelo Levy in 2003 when Marcelo intercepted a monkey being trafficked out of the Yungas region to the City of La Paz.  



Why do they need your support?

Wildlife crime, encompassing both deforestation and animal trafficking, has drastically increased over the last 4 years.  Due to this, numbers at the sanctuary have quadroupled to the 700+ that they are today.  With more animals arriving every week, La Senda Verde is now home to 58 different species, many of which are endangered and unprotected in the wild.  

Once intercepted and rehabilitated, due to Bolivian law and the rapid rate of deforestation, it is prohibited to release these animals into the wild.  La Senda verde gives these animals time to recover physically and emotionally from the trauma they have been through and allows them to regain the confidence and security to behave naturally.  It makes sure they have a natural, stimulating and fulfilling home in which to live for the rest of their days.  All animals at the sanctuary are ambassadors for their wild counter parts, supporting campaigns for tighter laws protecting wild species .  Although these animals have a sad past, they are safe and happy at La Senda Verde and their stories help to educate people worldwide about the reality of wildlife trafficking.  


Picture of parrots as they are intercepted by police in South America and others arriving at LSV


The Project

With large and continually increasing numbers of animals, comes the need for higher quality veterinary care for these well deserving creatures.  At the moment La Senda Verde have a full time Bolivian vet onsite, but only the shell of a Veterinary Clinic with basic medical supplies.  In Bolivia even basic equipment is very hard to get hold of. 

Current Clinic and Lab

Luke and I are off to Bolivia in 4 weeks for 3 months and our aim is to raise enough funding and/or equipment to fully equip the clinic.  With a higher level of veterinary care, animals coming to La Senda Verde will have a better chance of survival.  Illnesses and injuries will be more readily diagnosed and treated.   We hope to be able to have the equipment and pack it in extra suitcases but any equipment we haven't got in the next 4 weeks we will have shipped over during our time at La Senda Verde. 

In the wild illnesses are viewed as weaknesses, therefore symptoms of illness are often hidden by many species until it's too late.  Currently at La Senda Verde any sick animal that needs diagnositic tests or more in depth treatment has to be transported on a 6 hour round trip to La Paz for this testing and treatment.  Due to the nature and size of some of La Senda Verdes animals this is not possible for all species.  Some animals sadly don't make the journey as they are too sick.  With your help testing and extended treatment could be done on site, easing pain for these animals and reducing stress for animals and staff alike. 

How would the money be spent?? 

£6,000  -  Humphrey ADE anaesthetic machine and o2 concentrator

How would this help? Currently most animals are anaethetised when neccessary using a combination of injectable drugs.  This is not the safest way to anaethetise very small creatures such as birds and tortoises but is the only option La Senda Verde currently have.  A donation of the Humphrey ADE machine would mean any animal from a 50g bird to a 250kg bear would be able to be safely maintained under an anaesthetic for diagnostic tests, medical and surgical treatment.  Anaethetising animals with this machine would be safer, environmentally friendly and more cost effective.  The ADE comes with an o2 concentrator that turns room air into oxygen.  This eliminates the continual cost of travelling to La Paz and refilling oxygen cylinders needed with other machines.  This machine has been designed to use in rural africa and maintained well will last 10+ years.  

£12,000  -   Xray generator and developer

How would this help?  Having an xray machine would be invaluble to the animals at La Senda Verde.  Currently they have to endure a 6 hour round trip to La Paz if they need an xray.  Many animals come in abused, with broken legs, fingers, wings and other injurys that need investigating with an xray.  At the moment if these animals aren't able to be transorted to La Paz the vets have to use their best clinical judgement but may never know 100% what is going on.  To be able to accurately diagnose these patients would mean they can be more appropriately treated and have an improved quality of life.  Many of La Senda Verdes reptiles require xrays to check for the presence of eggs or metabolic bone disease.  These are both common problems amougst the 200+ reptiles due to their past diets and environments.   This cost includes an xray generator, multiple plates and a laptop installed with the software needed to develop xrays.  The machine is also portable so can be used in field if required.  Ideal for work at La Senda Verde.  

£3-5,000  -  table top portable ultrasound machine

How would this help?  Having an ultrasound machine would mean La Senda Verde would be able to diagnose problems amoungst all of its different species.  It would  enable vets to look in more detail at animals organs and diagnose preganancy on arrival.  We would like to purchase a second hand or ex demonstration table top machine to take with us. 

£500 - 1000  -  centrifuge

How would this help?  A centrifuge would enable La Senda Verde to be able to look at urine samples and assess blood samples.  

£1-2,000  -  microscope and doppler blood pressure monitor

How would this help? A mircoscope is one of the only pieces of diagnostic equipment that LSV has had for 10 years.  It is functional to look at hair samples or faecal samples but doesn't have a high enough magnification to look at blood samples or skin samples.  A new one is needed for this purpose.  Having a dopler blood pressure kit will enable veterinary surgeons to hear the heart/pulse of any patient they are anaesthetising, allowing them to contuniously monitor these fragile patients. 

£500-1500 - autoclave

How would this help? This would enable instruments to be sterilised safely.  We are hopeful we can purchase a second hand autoclave and get it shipped to Bolivia.

£6,000  -  other equipment including suture material, ET tubes(all sizes), anaesthetic masks, stethescope, laryngoscope, microscope slides, cover slips, gloves (S/M/L), needles, syringes, fluid bags, giving sets, catheters, bandage material, swabs, otoscope, surgical kits (dog and cat), hand held pulse oximeter, heat mat, haematocrit tubes, cacium suppliments for reptiles, faecal flotation kit, isoflorane, soda lime, antiparasitic treatment, other medicines

How would this help?   This equipment would complete the clinic and enable it to run smoothly.  Some items on this list are new items of equipment, others are consumable items used everyday and others are extremely hard to purchase in bolivia, especially antiparasitic treatments.  By having a supply of donated consumables it would greatly help reduce some of the current day to day costs to La Senda Verde.  La Senda verde would therefore be able to concentrate other donations on the building of new enclosures.  


La Senda Verde are a fantastic charity doing a fantastic job and supplying this equipment would be an incredible achievement.  It would provide invaluable support for the animals of La Senda Verde who all deserve a second chance.  We greatly appreciate  you taking time out to read our project and really hope you can help.


Some of the incredible animals at La Senda Verde...


1. Ajayu.  The incredible Andean bear whose story is fighting for a law protecting Andean bears in the wild in Bolivia. 


To see more information about the research projects currently undertaken in Bolivia see: 


And information on the Law :



2. Beautiful Quinoa, her mother killed by poachers when she was just weeks old (a common problem), survived a plane journey to La Senda Verde when she weighed just 1.5kg. 


3.  Lovely Espumita, another victim of trafficking as a cub, her mother also killed in front of her, is now 18 months old and has recently been built a new,  large enclosure which she is greatly enjoying


4.  Kinny.   A traumatised Howler monkey with burn scars has come along way and is now (after 6 months of intensive care with volunteers) enjoying being a monkey. 


5.  Capy the Capybara who was previously living on the roof of a school building, now has a pool of her own to swim in and her favourite bamboo to eat everyday.  


Without rainforests and without animals what is the world? What many people do not know is that only 10% of trafficked animals survive.  All animals at LSV have fought a battle and come out the other side.  Many people don't realise the horrid way these animals are plucked from their natural habitats.  Their mothers murdered infront of them.  Chained, caged, squashed, traumatised, hungry, thirsty and transported for extreme distances  to be sold as items.  Items for humans to misunderstand, to abuse, to get frustrated with.  At somepoint,  these animals bite, become ill, become a burden, or people become bored, and if they are lucky, their humans will hand them over into La Senda Verde's care.  Other lucky ones will be intercepted by the government and sent to La Senda Verde.  90% are not lucky.  


La Senda Verde aim to give each animal the best life they possibly can.  Knowing that these animals can never be re-released means the La Senda Verde family will continue to grow rapidly.  This means La Senda Verde needs an increasing level of financial support from the outside world.  If you want to visit La Senda Verde or see more projects that you can help with please visit their website or facebook page.  www.sendaverde.org or https://www.facebook.com/LaSendaVerde/ 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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£10 Reward

A personal thank you on our Facebook page.

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A La Senda Verde fridge magnet to say thank you for your support.

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A La Senda Verde T-shirt to wear with pride and to say thank you for your support.

£250 or more

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Your name will be engraved onto a plaque in the La Senda Verde Clinic so that everyone that visits can see you have supported this project and receive a La Senda Verde t-shirt.

£1,000 or more

Pledge £1000

Receive a personal letter of thanks with a picture of the clinic up and running, have your name engraved on a plaque in the clinic and receive a La Senda Verde t-shirt.

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