Equestrian Training  Surfaces

by Recycled training surfaces in France

Equestrian Training  Surfaces
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

my aim is to provide a better training and racing surface for tracks and private training facilities all over Europe.

by Recycled training surfaces in France

I have been involved with horses for 30 years, 2 of my 3 children are very good showjumping riders, i prefer harness racing. 

my Living has always been in recycling where 20 years ago i had a new surface laid  at my training school where i see the sand was mixed with old plastic cable casing. it was fascinating to me but i really did not see the benefit of the mixing of plastic cable casing. Moving on a few years being in recycling i discovered that carpet waste was becoming a very difficult product to recycle which left limited alternatives but to landfill or incineration which is a very big no no for me. 

I went to horse facility in the USA where I see an amazing training surface made up of sand and fibre which turned out to be Washed and shredder into flock waste carpet, at this point i read up of the advantages for the horses or ponies along with is there ant real benefits. it turns out the benefits are some what amazing, the surface is a huge advantage to keeping the horses joints safer whilst training along with very low maintainece. i looked into this in more detail when i returned home to find i have a win win situation where i could recycle waste carpet and put it into a huge market within an industry i am passionate about.

so i decided to do some trials which have turned out to be amazing results. so i have now set about putting a plan together along with contacting friends of our in the horse industry to see how many people i could get interested to partner in Europe to sell the end product which to my amazement i have 4 distribution partners waiting to sign contracts to become a distributor for my new surface production i am proposing to open this year.

i have put together a very small team to work with me who are very good knowledgeable people. My son Archie Newman who is a very good showjumping rider will be head of sales. i will be head of production as i am all about attention to detail along with my daughter my long standing production manager who i have persuaded to come out of retirement to help me ensure our production process is 100% to ensure we can keep up with demand of our new product.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£150 or more

Reward for any investments over 150 pounds

to name a tree to be planted in your name for every 150 tonne of waste carpet we recover that does not go to landfill. https://onetreeplanted.org/ you will receive a certificate of the tree that has been planted in your name with the location in the world of where your tree has been planted.

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