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Equitable Opportunities to Live Well for Longer

by Oldbury STC in Oldbury, England, United Kingdom

Equitable Opportunities to Live Well for Longer
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To sustain low fees and access to swimming and triathlon classes for all ages we require a little help to replace and update our equipment.

by Oldbury STC in Oldbury, England, United Kingdom

Oldbury is a ward of Sandwell.  Social economic statistics are poor in comparison with national averages, with 35% of citizens having no qualifications (22% for the UK), 21% receiving benefits (13% UK) and only 42% having very good health. The consequence is a generational cycle of limited opportunities for our children and theirs!

The cycle of poverty is the "set of factors or events by which poverty, once started, is likely to continue unless there is outside intervention".   Families trapped in the cycle of poverty, have either limited or no resources.

When asking how do we 'enable people to live well for longer' our response is to increase physical activity.  Around 17% of premature deaths in the UK are associated with inactivity. The importance of physical activity in preventing more than 20 chronic conditions is well documented by The Department of Health. 

For this reason Oldbury STC aim to keep membership fees low to improve accessibility regardless of social circumstances. To achieve this the club relies on good will and hundreds of hours of volunteer support.  The consequence however is a lack of funds to purchase equipment and facilitate specialised training, all of which, are common place within similar schemes in more prosperous areas within the West Midlands.   

Participation in team sports is well known for fostering far reaching benefits, including, leadership skills, supporting the leader, promoting responsibility, developing social skills, improving self esteem, notwithstanding important life saving skills for water based sports.

Oldbury STC provide a broad range of activities for children and adults, including learn to swim, competitive swim training, land training, open water training, cycling and running.  A reasonable percentage of athletes achieve county level performance, with some achieving regional standards.  

We also offer training and support for our older school leavers to qualify as swimming teachers. Athletes achieving regional and national success are well placed for a career as a swimming/triathlon coach. Our masters swimmers are also given the opportunity to work towards their swimming coach qualifications.  All of which provides improved access to job opportunities.  A swimming teacher earns £10.95 per hour, with 5+ years experience this can increase to £12.48 per hour.  Salaries can also be influenced by individual  achievement in the same sport.

In 2022 we loose our affordable premises at Langley Swimming Baths and move into the new build in Sandwell that will host the Common Wealth Games in 2022. Whilst this will be an amazing privilege, it is likely that our pool hire charges will also increase.   

We currently have around 240 members and hope to increase this ahead of the move. Currently equipment is in urgent need of replacement which cannot be funded without increasing fees, this would defeat our primary ambition prior to following the move to the larger facility.  

We are therefore looking for sponsors and sponsorship, any amount will be appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and any support offered.

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