Equal Rights for Whites Law

by Luis Voller in London, England, United Kingdom

Equal Rights for Whites Law
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The Equal Rights for Whites, this is a new law I want to introduce. This crowed funding is for a petition to spread awareness for this.

by Luis Voller in London, England, United Kingdom

This law supersedes other laws and makes it so any form of communication verbal, written etc with regards to race/gender/hate/sexual identity/political views will no longer be a punishable offence.

The Equal Rights for Whites is a petition I've started and I would like to spread awareness as much as possible so it gets enough support that the government won't be so easily able to reject it as the far-leftist groups will no-doubt try to label this as racism and hate .

The money will be spent on posting flyers, holding events, youtube video's as well as other social media and if at all possible on TV. I would also like to hold a parade to celebrate our British culture and remind people that it's okay to be proud of where you come from. 

This law will allow the police to properly do their job without having to worry about losing said job because some people decide to label them as racist. Some of you may be aware of the bias the police show to minorities but if we ensure they can keep their jobs then I've no doubt we can decrees crime.

The police that are being made to patrol the internet to arrest people for racist/sexist/hate speech will be instead able to focus on finding terrorist groups online instead or maybe even go out and patrol the streets of London. The very idea that the police are made to patrol the internet to make sure people aren't saying hurtful words was always absurd especially during the rise in knife crime. 

This law also allow's for actual equality since it seems white people are no longer considered a race as words like "white supremacist" "Nazis" are constantly used against white people yet it isn't considered racist, all the while people are being arrested for even having critical opinions on minorities. No matter what white people are called it's never considered news worthy but when a white person say anything intolerant or offensive to a minority they make headlines. 

As things currently stand you can't even make jokes without the risk someone might be offended and lose your job or even be arrested. I'm sure many of you are also aware of how movies like the  Ghostbusters remake and recently the Oceans remake Ocean 8 say why fans didn't like them was because they were racist and sexist white males.

I truly believe in equality and understand the desire to help/protect those who are less represented in society but as I'm sure many of you are aware those on the Far-left are abusing these ideas to push their own agenda and label anyone with a differing opinion as racist/sexist.

The law is supposed to protect all of it's citizens but when that law is used to discriminate against people based on race/gender in particular the majority population then it is no longer serving it's purpose and instead dividing the people. 

True equality can only be achieved when people can speak freely and equally. 


I'm a individual who is thoroughly fed-up with the current state of the Weston world and this absurd surge of extreme SJW/Feminist/Far-leftist values and rules being forced on us and want to take a stand.

You can find my petition here


WHY £50000

Printing enough flyers so that most of London knows would be more expensive than you might think including hiring someone to post them

The hiring of people to run social media sites like twitter and youtube  will also cost money but I feel it's worth it as I want people who can make informative but enjoyable video's and some creative Memes.

Holding an event might be one of the more expensive means of awareness I would like to do as I could see you all in person and invite some well known people to participate.

Finally the parade to celebrate our British culture will probably be the most expensive task on this list and I may well not have enough for anything grand even if the target is met but bringing people together for something that can't reasonably be called racist will truly help unify us even if not on a grand scale.   


Let's make 'Equal Rights for Whites Law' happen