Equal Pay in Production

by Adamo in London, England, United Kingdom

Equal Pay in Production


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I am starting a porn production company that has a full female production team. I want to pay the women on and off screen fairly.

by Adamo in London, England, United Kingdom

Porn is an industry that is falsely thought of to be run by women. Porn is one of the only industries in which women make more than men do, but this is on the basis of being actresses. There is a huge disparity in the amount of women working behind the scenes within porn which furthers the concern that the actresses are open for abuse and exploitation. 

I am looking at setting up a porn production company that is female-centric in both its hiring and its output. Queer and kink friendly porn is something that can cater to the male gaze, while also keeping the women participating in it safe. I believe that by creating this company we will be able to help sex workers reclaim safety over their jobs, without being coerced into situations or contracts they aren't comfortable with. 

The porn I am looking to produce isn't going to be marketed as feminist or art house, it's generally going to show male gaze and behave as 'mainstream' porn usually would. We can create porn that goes along with what the market is interested in while keeping women safe and keeping the money made from it within queer female circles, rather than back into the pockets of those who are exploiting. 

This is a two part project. I am setting up fundraising events which will cater, once again, to queer women. The representation of women within the Queer and Kink scene is next to none and that is something that we need to target. I am going to be running a queer female kink night not only to help raise money for the sex worker cause, but also because I think there are next to no safe spaces available. The money raised here is both to set up these events and to start producing!

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