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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Looking for a loan of 50K to secure a property at 40K + a 10K refurbishment. End value of property is 80K.

by Laurie Duncan in Grangemouth, Scotland, United Kingdom

Normally I'd go to private investors for this type of requirement, but wanted to try Crowdfunder out to see how it all works.  Interested in using it for various other projects if it works out well.

The money will be used to refurbish the property to bring it up to standard for letting.  The property will then be put on to a BTL mortgage and the investor will be repaid.  Timescale of 9-18 months anticipated for repayment of finance.

This is an off-market property sourced by We Buy Homes Scotland.

If any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on 01324 227 229 / 07525 209 143 / 07398 012 485.