Building a sustainable house for the underprivileged indigenous natives in just three days!

We did it!

On 2nd Sep 2015 we successfully raised £656 with 6 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

Building a sustainable house for the underprivileged indigenous natives in just three days!

About the project

If you’re like me, you don’t spend too much time thinking about unsafe houses.  However 82% of indigenous people in Malaysia are in need of housing aid. We believe that building homes is an effective and powerful activity that opens the door to relationship building. We also believe that house are of utmost importance – a home leads to much more than four walls and a roof. It can affect livelihood, physical and personal health and the educational development of an individual.

A collaborative project with Taylors University's School of Engineering, EPIC Homes, & University of Birmingham, UK was initiated to help build a sustainable home, raise funds and design a sustainable feature to be added onto the newly built house, which will partake within 3 days, yes, 3 days to build a house!

With that, help me play a small part in solving the unsafe housing crisis -- donate to my campaign in any amount you are able to. Your donations will be greatly appreciated!

100% of everything we raise will directly fund orang asli houses projects. And when those projects are finished, Epic Homes will send us proof in pictures and GPS coordinates, so we can see the actual people and communities we impacted.

Source: Epic Homes' website

Team members:

  1. Naomi Randall (University of Birmingham, UK)

  2. Andy Worden (University of Birmingham, UK)

  3. Melissa Mannan (University of Birmingham, UK)

  4. Chan Ten Kiat (Taylor's University, MY)

  5. Priya Marappan (Taylor's University, MY)

  6. Goay Chee Woon (Taylor's University, MY)

  7. Mohamed Ehab Elsayed (Taylor's University, MY)

  8. Chua Yong Hong (Taylor's University, MY)

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