Enzio rescue vehicle

by joanne grice barratt in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Enzio rescue vehicle


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This young lady is struggling to save and transport animals in Bosnia taking taxis and buses and impossible job without a vehicle

by joanne grice barratt in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rusmira of Ezio rescue saves and aids animals in Bosnia every day sometimes entire days without a vehicle , catching taxis where she abused for having animal crates with her or buses- an impossible task, its bad enough taking 1 animal to the vets let alone 9-10.

Consequently she is feeling down hearted and alone , a quote from her :-

"Yesterday I almost broke into tears, holding three carriers, with kittens who had to see vets for treatment, waiting for long time and when taxi arrived, the driver went out all rude and asked do I suppose to get bloody animals in his car!?? Even though I have mentioned to dispatcher that I have cats in carriers and he should send someone who tolerates it -with so little support...I feel alone and without hope  . 

I am an animal lover from Crewe, Cheshire, who supports Enzio's rescue from the UK and so I am starting a Crowd funding page to aid this young lady who helps so many and allow her to keep up the good work, all donation greatly received how every small- I beg you to donate .

From Rusmira
I did some research and asked around, got advices about which car would be suitable for animal transport, the one with air conditioning and fair space and price.
It seems that VW Touran from 10-14 years old meets all the needs and requirements.
It doesn’t spend much fuel ,fair engine and easily maintained over here
The prices go from 3500e to 6000
To get the decent one, in good condition without investing or repairs it would require around 4000e plus insurance and winter tyres.
When I calculate all my taxi rides ,for vets, food pick ups etc in only last 9 months I could buy this vehicle! But it’s problem when you don’t have the funds all at once...
Being without a car and doing all the rescue work takes a lot of finance and time...
All could be a lot easier if my rescue, soon to be registered charity , would have its own ride for animals in need ❤️

For some time I’m struggling with driving my rescues from place to place, locally and far as I don’t own a car
With having so many animals in care, I’m visiting vets daily, not to mention rides from pensions to vets, food pick ups, getting animals in need from streets to their safe places and to shelter, leaving to other city’s in Bosnia when they need further check ups etc
It consumes a lot of funds for paid rides, usually a taxi drives which is not cheap and only few willing to drive me around with animals
Last few times, when my usual taxi driver went to vacation, I struggled so much to find ride for big dogs to be brought to vets and meeting points for transport, because no taxi wanted all hairs and dirt in their cars and I’m using my own funds 95% of time for those rides...never complained but I don’t have so much to give and we can’t run without transport

Let's make 'Enzio rescue vehicle' happen