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Rising energy costs? We can help............Our environment friendly window films help retain heat and cut costs on energy bills.

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On 3rd Jan 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Our business installs window film which has traditionally been used to reflect heat in buildings. With the development in the industry we now have a low-e film which actually helps to retain heat in buildings. With rising energy costs and efforts to make homes more efficient, whilst helping the environment at the same time, our films can now help. Installing window film can make you significant savings on annual fuel bills whilst also providing additional benefits withich come with the reduction in UV rays coming into your home.

We are looking to expand and spread the word particularly to those people that are looking to help our environment and also those that need to find ways to reduce there energy bills. Spreading the word will involve an intensive marketing and TV campign aimed at exactly that audience.

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For our investers we have a comprehensive list of rewards that in turn will let us help you make your home more efficient at a fraction of the price of a normal installation. Take a look at our donation buttons to find the right investment for you and save upto 50% of the value of your installation. Installation typically vary from between £250 and £1500 but do depend on the number and sizes of windows to be filmed. Please visit www.envirosolarfilms.com for more information and a quotation or cal 0844 549 9249.

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