Pet alert system

To match Government funding to develop pet products which will assist the elderly, the hearing and visually impaired to care for their pets.

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Project aim

To match the Government funding awarded to the Universities I am collaborating with, in the design and development of my pet products.  These products can be used by anyone with a pet, but they are especially useful for the elderly, the infirm and the visually and hearing impaired to continue to care for their pets.

About the project

Sometimes a pet, whether a cat or a dog, is the only companion a vulnerable person has.  

A person may begin to lose their sight, or their hearing, or become too ill to care properly for their pet. 

Pet owners can become very anxious as to how they will continue to care for their beloved companion and often have little choice but to surrender their pet to the various rehoming agencies.

This is tragic, as a pet is often the only source of comfort for those people who are mostly in need of it.

The pet products I am developing, in collaboration with Strathclyde University in Glasgow, and Napier University in Edinburgh, will provide alerts to owners (visual, sound or other sensory alert) as to their pet's needs, and help vulnerable people to keep their best friends. 

These products will also help those who are considering acquiring a cat or dog, to find the prospect much more feasible. 

The products can be used by anyone with a pet, and can help to avoid any distress to the pet by it going thirsty, or needing in, or out, as the products will send alerts to the owner.

As the products are in the developmental stage, the actual designs cannot be divulged, in order to protect the Intellectual Property. When the funding is in place, and the final designs completed and registered, the products will be made public.  The funding required is for the final design development and is being matched by Government funding.

However, what I can disclose is that the trademark/tradename has already been successfully registered in the UK, under the name 'EntryPet' and is due to be registered in the EU.

When the product is finally 'on the shelves', I intend for a percentage of all sales to be donated to the PDSA (The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals).

So please donate for the further development of my products which, when finished, will help vulnerable owners and their pets stay together and help other owners recognise their pets needs more easily.

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