Enthusiast PC Building Business

by Doug C in Poole, England, United Kingdom

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I want to better my life and my families, it hard for a lot of people in this day and age. I want to build a brand around my passion.

by Doug C in Poole, England, United Kingdom

I am 35, live in Dorset with my Wife. We moved her to help her follow a dream of hers, to better her life and train to be a nurse. Shes now achieved this, and her doing this has inspired me to drive for my dreams, I want to grow and build a technology business around PC technology and enthusiast PC building and watercooling. This is something I love to do, in my spare time currently i love to game and stream, I would love to expand my personal brand and reach out to a wider audience. With this generation being all about online and social media presents, I've been striving to grow an online gaming stream community. I have managed to make some great connections with this, and managed to help a few others grow their communities. How it is the time for me to focus on my vision, my dream and build something my wife and family can be proud of, as I am of her and what shes achieved.

The video linked is my gaming passion, and streaming. I want to be able to add the technology Vlog's and PC building side of my personal brand.

The monies needed it to raise enough funds to do a statement build I can share with the community of enthusiasts, allowing me to openly reach out to companies with a more appealing personal brand. Which will then allow me to offer services out to my local community and beyond.

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