Ensuring our rugby programme is here forever!

Funds raised will be spent on a pitchside advertising railing. The income generated will fund our Carnoustie School of Rugby programme.

We did it!

On 17th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £3,215 of £3,000 target with 39 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We are desperately needing a new container to store kit and equipment in.

Our story

Carnoustie Rugby Club and Carnoustie High School are working in partnership to give young people the opportunity to develop life skills through rugby.  We've established a curricular rugby programme with a positive coaching environment.  And our culture has supported a move away from the ‘win at all costs’ mentality and focuses instead on effort, respect and responsibility.  

The programme is preparing our young people for adulthood by developing them into hard working, responsible and respected citizens.  It has also helped the lower school, transition, settle and integrate.  And we’re giving the upper school the opportunity to gain additional SVQ qualifications and practical work experience.    We think this is awesome!  Hopefully you do to?

At secondary school we currently have 60 boys and 25 girls playing.    

Our work at the Carnoustie primary schools is seeing over 200 children play the game and this is giving the primary school young people the building blocks to move into our high school programme.    

Our culture is creating spectacular results!  But don't just take our word for it, we've attached what others think of our programme: 


Who benefits?

The people who benefit from your financial backing are the young people from Carnoustie.   The programme is open to all and there are no costs for parents.  This ensures that we are inclusive.  Every young person involved with the programme has developed in confidence and has become a better person.  That's a fantastic feeling for everyone involved!

The people involved in our programme have said:


Businesses have the opportunity to support local employment and to give something back to the community.  

Parents have the opportunity to give something back to the programme that has given so much to their children.    

People with a connection to the town, Carnoustie High School and Carnoustie Rugby Club can take pride in backing our work.

What we're trying to achieve? 

Our vision is for Carnoustie to become a rugby town and we want Carnoustie High School to become a centre of rugby excellence.  We want to support and help young people transition from school into work and/or further education with the skills to succeed.  We believe that the young people who are involved in our rugby programme will have better life chances.

Within five years our aim is to field five boys teams and two girls teams.  In 2017/18 we are fielding three boys teams and a girls team.


How is your money being spent? 

The money from this campaign will be spent on the construction of a new advertising railing at the rugby pitches at Carnoustie High School.  The railing will allow businesses to advertise and all proceeds raised from advertising will be used to pay for our school of rugby programme.

The overall scope of the project is the construction of 200m of railing and this project is focusing on phase 1, which is the construction of 50m.  

Our school of rugby programme currently costs £20,000 per annum.  This is funded by the Carnoustie Rugby Club, The Bill McLaren Foundation and a few corporate sponsors.  The phase 1 railing and advertising should allow us to fund 50% of our annual school of rugby costs.


What makes our project great?

Creating the opportunity to generate advertising revenue, will make the programme sustainable.  It will also provide local business and people with a fantastic opportunity to support local children to develop skills for life.

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