Enough is Enough

by Transgender Trend in London, England, United Kingdom

Enough is Enough
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by Transgender Trend in London, England, United Kingdom

#EnoughIsEnough Campaign Update

I would like to thank everyone who has given to Transgender Trend’s Crowdfunder campaign. Every donation, large or small, helps us raise awareness about how to protect kids from the harms of gender ideology.

But I would also like to express my sincere regret about some of the language that was used in the original text describing the campaign. (Some of that text has now been revised to more accurately reflect the mission of Transgender Trend.)

I myself did not write the Crowdfunder announcement (which was written by our marketing volunteers), but I should have reviewed it carefully before it was published, and I failed to do that.

Two days ago, someone called my attention to a tweet criticising some of the Crowdfunder language. It was only then that I read the text closely. So I would like to take a moment to set the record straight on a few points.

First, claiming there is “unequivocal evidence for Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria” is overstating the case. Although I am personally convinced that social contagion is driving the dramatic increase in the numbers of trans-identifying children and young people, we do not yet have “unequivocal” scientific evidence supporting this conviction. Dr. Lisa Littman took an excellent first step in that direction, but as she has stressed from the beginning, more research is needed – much more. Researchers must not only verify that social contagion is an important factor in the increase but determine how to relieve the very real distress of those impacted.

Second, the language suggesting “agreement among the scientific and medical research communities about the known harms of puberty blockers and hormone interventions” was misleading. Although medical communities may acknowledge some of the harms associated with transgender medical interventions, they downplay these harms and misinterpret studies regarding suicidality. In fact, that is the real challenge we are up against: too many medical and research communities have acquiesced to pressure from ideology.

And finally, I’d like to address my biggest regret -- the statement that the founder of Transgender Trend is “the globally recognised leading expert on gender issues.” This is simply false. I am certainly not “the” leading expert on gender issues. What I am, however, is a deeply concerned citizen and a mother, with over 20 years' experience delivering training in schools and working with children, teachers and parents. I am fully trained in Safeguarding and my work has involved research in child development and psychology. For the past five years, I have made it my business to study what the leading experts have to say about the topic of paediatric transition. I have looked critically at studies – those that support my position and those that challenge it. To make every effort to present facts and findings accurately is a central tenet of my work.

I have spoken with countless individuals on this topic – researchers, clinicians, detransitioners, parents, lesbian and gay people and trans-identified individuals. And my concern about the long-term health and happiness of gender nonconforming children continues to grow.

For a great majority of the young people who identify as trans today, I believe medical transition is a grave mistake. I remain steadfast in my commitment to give these young people better options than a lifetime of interventions that will damage their health and impact their lives in ways we do not yet understand.

So a huge personal thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign and helped achieve 57% of the funding target over a period of not yet two weeks. As an organisation of unfunded volunteers up against a highly-funded and organised transgender lobby, I am very proud of what we have managed to achieve. The errors made in the initial wording of the Crowdfunder have served as a reminder to me that that we really do need more resources so we can ensure that we always get it right.

Stephanie Davies-Arai

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