Enlightenment of People

Enlightenment of People

The "Switch" to enlighten your heart, mind and soul

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

"Episodes of Enlightenism"  . . . . The words within this book have been derived from three spirit guides that have channelled their wisdom through a medium. This book has been written to provide the reader with a pathway to answering open questions about this world, and the next, and provide guidance towards enlightenment. It could be described as a self help publication for those who are looking for an explanation or reason.

The book is divided into short passages called Episodes, each of which empowers the reader to embrace and understand the world in which we live, and the world beyond this plain. But this is more than a book, it is a companion, a friend you can pick up when you need inspiration, hope or a change in focus. The episodes are designed to be re-read, and as you develop your understanding, you will grow and become more aware of your life and the world around you.

I believe that this book will help so many people, at all social levels, whether they are lost, looking for clarity within their life or have lost hope; it allows them to be true to themselves and find the real meaning of their existance.

So far the book has been edited by a friend and an outline cover has been designed, but it is a long way from becoming the finished artical. The funds will be used to allow the transcript to the professionally edited, formatted and the cover design to be completed, and eventually self published. I estimate that this process will take approxminaty twelve months to complete from start to finish. But if there is anyone with experience in publishing who would like to help, or be invloved with the project, it would be greatly appreciated; as a novice, this publishing business is a mine field.

The success of this book will not be measured on profit (as any earnings will be donated to a homeless charity), but about the number of people who benifit from the guidance.

If you are not interested in pledging a donation I would like to thank you for looking, but if you want to find out more about the project, please feel free to contact me.

Love and Light . . .