Enhancing Education Against anti-Muslim Hate

Enhancing Education Against anti-Muslim Hate

Providing educational materials for schools to tackle anti-Muslim prejudice

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Project aim

- Providing educational materials for schools to tackle anti-Muslim prejudice. Through our work tackling anti-Muslim prejudice over the last three years, it is clear that there is a dearth of good material which tackles anti-Muslim hate through educational materials in schools. This needs to change if we are to build cohesive societies where people can play a constructive role within our country and where people can live their lives without being targeted because of who they are.

Why Do We Need This Work?

Over the last 3 years, we have been working with victims of anti-Muslim hatred and we have documenting and mapping cases of prejudice and bigotry across the country. For example, these are the number of mosques that have been attacked since the brutal murder of drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, which led to revulsion across the nation. 

We know that there is lots of work that needs to be done to ensure that communities can get on and cohesion and tackling hate crimes needs education and early intervention. If we are to stop such issues that we have documented here, here and here, then we need to be able to ensure that young people see the value of each other and that different faiths and cultures have common values that unite, rather than divide. Getting young people to talk about and understand the impact of language and how people can be affected by targeted actions is key to ensuring that they live happy, healthy lives in the future and are able to cope within an increasing diverse world. 

This is why this work is needed and an early intervention is required. We hope that with your much needed assistance and help, we can make that difference together and ensure that future generations understand that whether anti-Muslim hate or anti-Semitism, any form of targeted hate is unacceptable. 

About the project

This project is intended to develop educational booklets for 11-14 year olds at Key Stage 3 of their education. It will provide teachers, support staff and young people with educational booklets that can support work within RE, PSHE (Personal Health and Social Education) and citizenship curricula. The educational booklets will provide:- Background material on the language of anti-Muslim hate - what is it? What are the impact of the words, which groups may circulate them and the potential impacts on victims?

- Provide case studies and discussion points for young people so that they can explore scenarios and discuss solutions to tackling prejudice and anti-Muslim hate.- Highlight the impacts on victims of anti-Muslim hate at a street and an on-line level, where the majority of victims at a street level are visibly female.

- Explore feelings around religious dress and what perceptions young people have around religious dress such as the Hijab (the religious headscarf).

- Explore how communities can work towards challenging hate, intolerance and bigotry together and to find common solutions.

A teacher's pack and a student pack will be provided and we will reach out to 50 schools in London and 50 within the South East region with the educational materials. The packs can be used within the curricula areas outlined previously.


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