English language for Sanaa

by chiaraluna in Firle, England, United Kingdom

English language for Sanaa
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Sanaa is a 24 year old woman, originally from Morocco, living now in Italy. We wish to offer her an english language course in Brighton.

by chiaraluna in Firle, England, United Kingdom

Sanaa is the first of the 3 children of Mohamed the builder, who is helping  Melanie and i to restore an old stone house on the italian mountains. Mohamed invited us to a meal in his house . What a lovely family ! Mother Zara and the 3 children. Friendly and open minded. The problem is money. The father, can't find a job on the books. During the last very bad winter, he was unemployed for 4 months. Sanaa is the only one that works on the books and can help the family in a steady way. I was surprised how well she was speaking english. "I learned it on You Tube !" she said. So.. the idea came to me! Why not offer a course in UK to improve her english ? Sanaa is very happy with this offer. She is interested in travelling, in meeting other cultures, in experiencing the world, and of course improving her english so her job could benefit from this. Maybe as a translator or in an office for foreign trade. Sanaa is a woman with a bright and independent mind, it is impressive how she finds the balance between western and moslem culture, keeping in her life what she values best of both words. 

The flight  was £400 (high season! ) , the course and accomodation with a family £870, other £200 will be for food, travel, and social activities, hopefully a trip to London !


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A meal at the mountain retreat house in Italy, when we, with Sanaas father will finish the job. Will keep in contact

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A night and a day in the solitary house on the Appennini mountains in Italy, when it will be finished. This is not a joke. I really mean it !

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